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3 Options for Companies Choosing Custom High-Speed Doors

High speed doors are an essential addition to the industrial space and allow companies to control temperature and maintain productivity within warehouse areas and other parts of their facility. It’s essential that doors are chosen based on their quality and their potential value within the organization. In this latest post, we’ll look at three potential options for companies considering custom high-speed doors.

G2 5400 Series

The G2 5400 high-performance door is designed to raise and lower at 54” per second, making it one of the fastest doors on the market today. The product comes with a mesh option to allow fresh air into the facility even while offering full protection. Each element of the system has also been engineered to reduce heat loss while allowing light into darker facility spaces.

G2 Lite Bug Blocking Mesh Doors

Our G2 Lite bug blocking mesh doors feature a 17x11 scrim providing small openings which make it difficult for insects, birds, and pests to penetrate, leaving your facility pest free. A clear benefit of the product is that it assures limited maintenance because it has no cables or springs that might snap or break during work operations.

G2 Lite Spring Assist Doors

Designed to keep out pests and intruders, the G2 Lite Spring Assist Door allows air to flow through the building for fresh air and comfort and works to control airborne contaminants between facility areas. The door also features impact-resistant fiberglass to protect against long-term damage.

Discover more on the full range of custom high-speed doors available on the industrial marketplace. Contact us directly to begin reviewing your options.