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Discover the Key Features of the Latest Sound Curtains

When choosing sound curtains to protect your workforce and keep your facility environment comfortable for both visitors and employees, it’s important to learn more on the product and its value. Our team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. has a clear insight into the technical qualities of our newest sound curtains and so within this latest post, we’ll present a guide to the key sound curtain product features.

Sound Transmission Control

One of the foremost benefits of the leading sound curtains is the level of sound control they bring to the facility. The products offered by Goff’s provide a noise reduction level of up to 45dB and a sound transmission control level of 29 within the coverage space. This limits the travel of machining noises throughout the facility.


The mobility of the sound curtains offered from Goff’s means that they can be quickly moved in and out of the facility space by work teams. Instead of having to take time to set up the curtain, the company’s products can be moved into place with ease, saving time and supporting team productivity.

High-Caliber Durability

With their high-durability working panels, the sound curtains offered through Goff’s offer lasting value within then workspace. Teams are now using their sound curtains over several years, as a valuable addition to the facility.

Our experts at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. are here to guide you in choosing the ideal sound curtains for your facility. To learn more, call us today!