Press Releases

Press Releases

Goff's Placed Top 5 in 3 Categories of Professional Door Dealer's Best of Business Poll

Dec, 06 2010
Professional Door Dealer (PDD) magazine, the trusted and independent source of information for the garage door and access control industry, is pleased to announce that Goff’s Enterprises has placed in the top five winners in the industry’s only Best of Business dealers’ choice poll, in the categories of Best High-Speed Doors, Best Commercial Doors, & Best Vinyl Door Products! Goff’s manufactures high performance, high speed vinyl roll-up doors. Goff’s NEW G2 Doors feature auto-reset, high windload ratings and exchangeable panels available in solid vinyl, mesh and clear PVC.

Goff’s Announces Acquisition of Tiger Wall

Nov, 15 2010
Goff’s Enterprises has announced the acquisition of Tiger Wall; a division of Thatcher Oaks of Elmhurst, IL. Tiger Wall manufactures curtain wall systems for auto body facilities. The acquisition will expand Goff’s presence in the automotive repair market as well as enhance Goff’s ongoing growth as an industrial space partitioning manufacturer.

New G2 Door Video

Oct, 06 2010
Goff’s has released a new video displaying the features and benefits of the newly released G2 Door line. The video demonstrates the innovative design of the door including exchangeable mesh, vinyl or clear panels, automatic reset after accidental impact and wind load ratings to 45 mph. It also exhibits the standard design features of Goff’s high performance, high speed, doors at affordable prices.

High Speed Car Wash Door Requires Little Maintenance

May, 11 2010
In an effort to provide a reliable, hi-speed vinyl door capable of withstanding the caustic and corrosive environment present in a Car Wash,Goff’s Enterprises, Inc has released the NEW “G-2 HarshGuard Door”. Revolutionized from Goff’s Original HarshGuard Door, the G-2 HarshGuard Door automatically resets, reducing down time after impact or blow out.

High Performance Door Requires Little Maintenance

May, 10 2010
n an effort to provide a low maintenance, customized high speed roll-up door at an affordable price Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. has released a new line of doors: Goff’s G-2 Doors. Easily replaceable, exchangeable panels available in vinyl, mesh, and clear PVC allow users to replace or exchange sections of the door with the changing seasons without down time or destruction to the door.

Climate Curtains Flexibly Control Temperature!

Mar, 12 2010
In an effort to reduce temperature loss and separate space Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. introduces Climate Curtains. Developed from the Original Goff’s Curtain Wall, Climate Curtains are double paneled vinyl curtain walls lined with Thinsulate Ultra Insulation from 3M to provide flexible, climate control isolation for a variety of applications including freezer and cooler areas, loading docks, food processing lines, and warehouse separation.

Peel Away Partition Problems

May, 21 2009
Goff's Original Curtain Wall system creates a retractable barrier that can be drawn into use in seconds to seal off sensitive areas from airborne debris and sprays. To maintain this protection, Goff's Enterprises introduces their Premium Replaceable Curtain Walls. This unique curtain design allows easy replacement of any curtain panel if damaged.

Portable UV Paint Curing Protection

May, 21 2009
With the latest technology of curing paint and primer with ultraviolet light, there could be a health risks caused by exposure to the UV rays. For safety, ultraviolet light manufacturers are recommending personnel wear UV light blocking glasses when near or around paint curing.

Curtains Block off Space for Protection for UV Paint Curing

May, 21 2009
Auto paint and coating operations can now quickly set a work area for UV paint curing that separates this function from other processes nearby. Goff's introduces their Curtain Walls - the industry standard for area separation - equipped with a "Weldview" window section that blocks harmful UV rays while containing welding fumes. The curtains glide into use when needed - slide out of the way when not and provide easy access in and out of the area.

Screens Brings Portable Protection Where to Welding Happens

May, 21 2009
Body shop and auto repair operations can now create their own work area with the Weld View screens from Goff Enterprises. This product provides protection for the workers in proximity to the welding operation for those operations where space is getting tighter; the process layout is constantly changing and where structures cannot be moved to a welding workshop. Made for demanding environments, these screens have a very strong, light weight, 1 in. extruded aluminum frame made to stand up to the roughest handling.