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What to Look for When Buying Curtain Walls for Auto Body Shops

When investing in the latest curtain walls for their auto body shops, some shop operators struggle when faced with all the options on the marketplace. A curtain wall is an investment for your business and it’s important you make the right choice to support your team in the future. To help guide the selection process, we’ll highlight what to look for when buying curtain walls for auto body shops.

Sound Suppression

The level of sound suppression the curtain walls offer is a foremost consideration when evaluating the latest curtain walls for auto body shops. Body shop processes such as metal work and component repair require loud machines, and the higher the level of sound suppression, the greater the comfort of your work team will be over the coming years.

Ease of Use

For busy work teams, adding a cumbersome system to their working area will only stall their productivity. Make sure that the curtain walls you select are designed for ease of use. Installing the system and dismantling it when not required should be an immensely simple process.

Limited Maintenance

Make sure the system you buy is simple in its design and doesn’t feature a large number of moving parts. Curtain walls with limited maintenance requirements will offer the best long-term value to your organization in the coming years.

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