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3 Benefits of the G2 Lite Vinyl Doors

Within a broad range of industries, it’s important for teams to control the level of contaminants within their workspaces. This means companies must harness high speed vinyl doors to separate working areas and prevent contaminants from moving inside a facility. We currently offer a wide selection of vinyl doors within our company catalogue, and in this post we look at three benefits of our G2 Lite vinyl doors.

  1. Resistance to All Ultraviolet Light Rays

Because the G2 Lite vinyl doors are resistant to ultraviolet light, they can help facilities minimize the damage caused by light to the interior of their facility. This also means they retain their material strength and color over time, providing optimal aesthetics within professional working environments.

  1. Noise Reduction within Loud Facilities

A leading challenge for machine operators within facilities such as car repair shops is the noise their machines emit. This noise can prevent teams from achieving full concentration and can impact communication between front of house staff and customers. To help eliminate this noise, companies can utilize the G2 Lite vinyl doors to separate loud working areas from the rest of the facility. This ensures teams have a quieter environment in which to achieve streamlined communication.

  1. Allows Light into Work Areas

While most vinyl doors seal off working areas completely, the G2 Lite is also available in 14 oz mesh which has been designed to allow sunlight into the working area. This ensures work teams achieve an open and comfortable environment that supports higher levels of working safety with increased light availability.

The G2 Lite vinyl doors are a leading solution for companies that require a refined contaminant control system within their facility. To discover more on the benefits of this leading-class product, speak with our team directly at 800-763-1538.

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