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3 Tips for Integrating Custom Curtain Walls

The right curtain wall product can help support teams in driving productivity and meeting their long-term objectives. But oftentimes businesses make the mistake of selecting curtain walls that aren’t custom designed for their space. They choose systems that offer limited flexibility and therefore limited value. It’s why our trusted team spends their time researching the industrial marketplace to build custom curtain walls suited to all types of business environment. In this post, we’ll offer our three tips for integrating custom curtain walls.

  • Plan for the Long-TermIn adding custom curtain walls to their facility, companies must consider their long-term objectives. What are they looking to improve upon? Do they need increased safety within the work space by improving sound protection? Companies must also consider the applications they’ll be completing in the future. This will help them to customize their curtain walls according to their future needs.
  • Educate Teams on Installation/UseTeams working with the custom curtain walls must be trained on how to manage the product within their daily working processes. They should be taught how to safely integrate the system within the work space and how to store the product to ensure it offers value over the long-term. This training can be used to help show work teams the many opportunities the curtain wall can bring to their operations.
  • Commit to MaintenanceIn ensuring their custom curtain walls achieve consistent performance over many years, companies should ensure they understand the maintenance requirements for the system. This involves speaking with the manufacturer and then building a maintenance plan that includes all required upkeep processes.

By involving all key stakeholders within the installation processes and helping teams learn to use the system, companies can ensure an exceptional return on investment in their custom curtain walls. To learn more, call us now at 800-763-1538.

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