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4 More Ways To Use Your Weld Curtains

As the name suggests, weld curtains are primarily designed to be used to isolate welding operations from other parts of a facility, protecting bystanders from this potentially-dangerous activity.  With their strong heat resistance and light-blocking capabilities, you can place your welders almost anywhere within a facility without having to worry about other safety hazards.

But one of the reasons that Goff’s Curtain Walls has grown so quickly in the past thirty years is that we’re always looking to create products which are multi-purpose.  Our goal is to deliver terrific ROI from everything we manufacture and carry by allowing them to be used and re-used in a variety of ways across a facility.

Weld curtains

Our weld curtains are so well-made you could easily justify the purchase even if you don’t have any welders!

4 Other Ways Weld Curtains are Utilized 

1 – Thermal insulation

With a high R-value and CPAI-84 flame resistance, a weld curtain can also work as general-purpose thermal insulation whenever you have an activity generating enough heat to affect nearby workers.  This can be a great way to cut down on the need to cool down different areas in a factory or other production facility.

2 – Sunlight filtering

Goff’s Curtain Walls’weld curtains are also 100% UV resistant, which makes them excellent in places where you want natural sunlight without worrying about UV rays.  With a variety of colors available, you could potentially even use them to create lighting effects – a nice side benefit to accompany their primarily utility value.

3 – Chemical isolation

Our weld curtains are resistant to most chemicals, including those with corrosive properties.  If there’s any significant danger of such chemicals splashing around, a set of curtains will ensure they remain isolated from bystanders.

4 – Reconfiguring workspaces 

We design all our curtain partitions to be extremely simple to set up, install, tear down, and relocate.  This makes them a great option for industrial facilities which need to be fluid, or where changing production requirements call for the relocation of human resources.  The curtains and their frames can be easily moved as needed, creating on-the-fly repartitioning while also bringing all the other heat/light/isolation benefits.

For over thirty years, Goff’s Curtain Walls has been producing top-quality curtains and other partitioning solutions.  Contact us to learn more about our product lineup!


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