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A Guide to the Benefits of Bug Doors

Bug doors are now being used to protect workspaces and keep teams at their productive best. Our team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is committed to providing you the latest information about bug doors and their value to your organization. Let’s review the full range of benefits that bug doors can offer.

Keeping non-air-conditioned spaces cool

When working in extreme heat, it can be important that your work team has access to optimal airflow. Our bug doors provide proper air flow by ventilating the space and keeping the area cooler for longer periods of time.

Providing durable performance

Our bug doors are known for their superior durability and can withstand significant winds and impacts without breaking. The use of reinforced fiberglass within the structure means that you won’t suffer downtime due to door maintenance issues.

Keeping out birds, pests, and intruders

Our bug doors are considered the top of the line and have been proven to effectively keep bugs, pests, and intruders from entering company facilities. The panels are designed so that there are no gaps within the system, ensuring a completely secure unit that protects your staff and building.

Protecting against airborne contaminants

In industrial facilities, teams often use chemicals that produce fumes. These contaminants may represent a health hazard to your team. Our bug doors are designed to prevent the flow of outside contaminants into the work area, protecting your team against these potential hazards.

Meeting FDA standards

When producing food products and pharmaceuticals, it’s critical that your organization abides by the latest standards set by the FDA. Each component of our bug doors has been optimized to ensure compliance with the latest FDA regulations.

Improving the appearance of the building

When contaminants and bugs are allowed into a building, they can degrade the structure and cause significant damage over many years. Investing in bug doors helps to protect against this type of degradation and showcases your company’s commitment to achieving a clean and professional working space for your team.

Our trusted experts at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. are here to help you in buying customized bug doors for your facilities. To discover more about our company and the full selection of products we offer, please call us today.


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