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A Look at the Advantages of the G2 HarshGuard Car Wash Doors

Within car wash applications in which it’s critical to retain a clear working environment, companies must harness high quality industrial doors. Our team here at Goff’s Enterprises specializes in the manufacture of doors for car wash spaces, and within this latest post we present a look at the advantages of the G2 HarshGuard car wash doors.

  1. Breakaway Design to Reduce DamageIf a vehicle impacts the G2 HarshGuard doors, the door immediately breaks away from the wall, limiting the damage to the door during the incident. This helps companies retain their investment within the product and minimizes the cleanup work required on site.
  2. Seamless Traffic FlowUsers will be able to control the flow of traffic with precision through the use of G2 HarshGuard car wash doors. The door moves up and down quickly to minimize the time it takes vehicles to transfer in and out of the car wash space.
  3. Reduced Heat LossHeat is critical within the car wash process. And the G2 HarshGuard car wash door has been refined to help minimize heat loss to the exterior space. This ensures companies retain the efficiency of their vehicle cleaning operations and helps teams achieve high caliber cleaning.

The experts here at Goff’s are ready to help companies achieve exceptional results within their vehicle cleaning applications. To learn more on the G2 HarshGuard car wash doors, ,please contact our offices directly today at 800-234-0337! Experienced team members are standing-by to answer your questions!

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