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Blog: Access Best-in-Class Welding Curtains from Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.

Within welding areas, it’s imperative that workers are protected from the UV light and other contaminants that can arise. It’s for this reason that industry firms across the country utilize welding curtains from expert manufacturers such as Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. The operational advantages of utilizing such products are clear for all managers to see. Whether companies are looking to improve operational productivity or separate conflicting tasks within their working environment, these systems from the team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. represent the ideal in-house solution.

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is a trusted brand leader within the industry partition and safety equipment manufacturing field. The company’s rise to industry prominence has been recognized within the media by firms such as Inc. Magazine, who have ranked Goff’s as one of the fastest growing companies two years in a row. Now, this business that originally started as a simple product within an auto repair shops has grown to service worldwide companies in a range of industries that include automotive, welding, industrial, woodworking, aviation, government and pharmaceutical.

By selecting welding curtains through the team at Goff’s Enterprises, firms can improve the safety of employees within their working nvironment tremendously. Each of the company’s welding products block100% of the UV light within welding applications, helping to secure workers against the many dangers that UV light can have on the eyes. Further safety enhancements are provided by welding curtains such as protecting employees against the noxious odors and high temperatures within the welding environment.

Another of the advantages of working with such products is that they’re easy-to-install. And they can easily slide in and out of the way when they’re not needed or another application is taking place in the area. For fast-changeover environments in which high quality welding must be performed, Goff’s welding curtains represent the premiere market solution.

Clients trust the team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. because they understand that the organization is committed to meeting the very highest quality in terms of equipment standards. The company’s weld curtains feature 14 vinyl coated polyester fabric with a 14mil weldview window section to allow inspections to be completed while workplace operations continue. The company’s welding curtains are also known to seamlessly integrate within many of today’s leading industrial environments. They feature finished edges with 2” industrial strength Velcro that helps to securely fasten curtains to other partition areas for the purposes of creating a fully protected working area within the company’s facility.

For complete welding protection, trust the team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. The experts at Goff’s are now ready to answer direct client questions concerning their latest products. Clients can contact the firm directly today to learn more from a qualified specialist. Answers to important operational questions are now only a phone call away!

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