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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Blog: Goff’s Enterprises Welding Screens: Safe Segregation for Your Varied Workspaces

A one piece barrier that acts as a protection against arc welding, grinding sparks or flame cutting – Goff’s Enterprises’ welding screens are mounted on rigid aluminum frames and designed to endure the toughest shop environments. They can be arranged in different shapes to create a work space of your own, meet your personal work demands and can even be reconfigured.

Equipped to block UV light completely, Goff’s w

welding screen

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ns can provide full protection from light and spark flashes, including the screen edges. Providing efficient portability and ensuring safety for other personnel around, these screens are light weight yet durable, corrosion resistant and come with gusseted corners. With increased productivity, reduced injuries at work and improved work environments, your shop can definitely benefit from these segregation screens. Some of the other features of Goff’s welding screens include:

  • 14 mil thick weld view PVC
  • Grommet and Button Head Screw Mount
  • Finished Hems
  • CPAI-84 & California State Fire Marshall Code Approved
  • OSHA Approved

The company warrants all screen material from failure in normal use due to defects in material or workmanship, for a period of FIVE years from the date of purchase and LIFTETIME on the frame. Goff’s Enterprises may elect to repair or replace defective or damaged goods.

Welding screens, as manufactured by Goff’s Enterprises, are 1-3/16″ extruded aluminum  to provide strength and rigidity. With the advantage of being weld spatter resistant, they are compliant with the California Fire Marshall standards as well. These screens will not bend or wobble and come with the option of:

  • Caster kit – includes 4 rollers
  • Hinge kit – joins screens together
  • Corner covers – prevents UV Light from shining through between frames

Available in sizes between 3′ x 4′ up to 8′ x 8′, Goff’s welding screens are also available in stock and custom sizes with various accessories. These screens come in many colors – yellow, red, blue, grey and green. Semi-transparent screens are easily screwed onto the aluminum frame to provide easy Weld view.

Goff’s welding screens are ideal for temporary protection in areas bordering aisles or welding areas. The Goff’s product line has diversified over the years and now includes the Original Goff’s Curtain Wall, Welding Curtains & Screens, High Speed Vinyl & Mesh Roll-up Doors, Strip Doors, Acoustic Curtains & Screens, Air Craft Curtains, Food Processing Clean Curtains, Strip Doors, Privacy Screens, Climate Curtains, and more.

Let us know your requirement for welding screens and fill out our quote request form. We will contact you shortly. 

About Goff’s Enterprises

Goff’s Enterprises is dedicated to manufacturing high quality industrial partitions, welding screens and curtains, safety equipment, and hi-performance doors. All of these are designed to increase productivity while creating a safer work environment for a wide range of industrial markets. We strive to achieve timely delivery, superior quality, and innovative products and accessories. We employ knowledgeable and skilled support and production staff in order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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