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Blog: Reduce Workplace Noise Pollution with Sound Proof Curtains from Goff’s Enterprises

Companies within the manufacturing field often have workspaces that are incredibly noisy. This can lead to significant challenges to worker concentration and productivity. Many manufacturers are now utilizing sound proof curtains as a means to preventing noise pollution within their workspaces. And the experts at Goff’s Enterprises are one of the leading manufacturers within this industry.

soundproof curtains

Goff’s Enterprises is a Pewaukee, WI based leader for high quality industrial partitions, safety equipment and doors. Their s

olutions are uniquely designed to support higher employee

productivity within a great range of marketplaces. They offer unique systems including curtain walls for flexible space separation and containment, climate curtains, for temperature control in a variety of applications including freezer and cooler areas in food processing facilities, as well as strip doors which help control environmental noise and temperature while supporting the seamless travel of employees and equipment throughout the workplace. One further example of the company’s commitment to cutting-edge excellence is their wide selection of sound proof curtain styles.

For auto repair shops and other industrial areas in which machinery contributes loud, intrusive noises to the workspace environment, Goff’s soundproof curtains are the ideal solution.Offering seamless durability, these superb sound proof doors are designed to reduce noise levels by 45dB while supporting a sound transmission class of 26 within the curtain’s coverage area. Goff’s soundproof curtains are constructed with a viscoelastic acoustic damper, which combines suspended mineral particles and an aluminum constraining layer to vastly reduce the amount of noise heard by those outside the curtains.

One of the reasons that these high caliber solutions are now found in the facilities of growing industrial companies across the country is that they feature a unique folding design that allows operators to achieve complete control of the space within their environment. These products fan fold and collapse out of the way in mere seconds, making them the ideal choice for companies looking to maintain optimal use of their space while improving in-house working conditions for employees.

Goff’s selection of sound proof curtains are considered to be the perfect cost-effective alternative to the use of metal enclosures. And, because Goff’s design team works tirelessly to perfect each product the company manufactures, they can be custom-made for specific applications. Companies will discover their leading choice of sound proof curtain by reviewing the Goff’s catalogue today. Contact the company directly to learn more about their full product catalogue. Qualified technicians are standing by to respond to your

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