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The Most Common Curtain Questions Answered

What Size Do the Curtains Come?

Goff’s Curtains are Custom Made to any size and layout. Typically curtains are constructed with a 28”, 14 oz. vinyl bottom section in the color of your choice, a 52” clear windowed middle section and the remainder of the height is made up of the 14 oz. vinyl material in your
choice of color.

What if I want additional clear?

The standard middle window is 52” tall. You can order additional clear for a slight up charge.

What if I don’t want any clear?

Goff’s Curtains are custom made. You let us know what materials you prefer.

How wide can the curtains be made?

A single curtain panel can be made up to 30’ Wide.  After that multiple curtains will
be joined using hook and loop fasteners to seemingly form one curtain.

What would I use steel rollers, instead of nylon?

The standard roller is nylon and works perfectly for curtains up to 16’. After 16’ we would use steel rollers.  You can also order steel rollers for an additional cost.

What accessories are available?

Goff’s has a number of accessories available including strip doors, valances, floor sweeps, filter panels, and more. For complete details please visit: https://www.goffscurtainwalls.com/curtain-walls/options-add-ons

How do I mount the curtains?

Goff’s curtains come standard with Universal Mounting Brackets. They can be used for face, flush, or suspend mounting. All suspend mount hardware, will accept a 3/8” threaded rod for suspend mount applications and are attached easily by using 3/8” nuts with washers.  Floor Mount hardware is also available.

What if I’m using the curtains outdoors?

Goff’s offers Outdoor Curtains up to 10’ high for outdoor applications. They are constructed the same as our standard curtains with a thicker 18 oz material and use steel rollers. Above 10’ Goff’s offers Super Exterior Curtains which feature, webbing, additional Velcro and turn buttons.

If you have any additional questions please email us at sales@goffscw.com or call us at 800-234-0337

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