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Blog: Whaaaat??? – How loud is too loud?

We all know when something is really loud, but how loud is too loud when it comes to protecting your hearing?  

Occupational Hearing Damage is a continuing issue in t

Goff's Blog- Hearing loss

he US. Every year, people suffer irreparable but preventable hearing loss caused by workplace noises.  According to The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) – Approximately 30 million people a year are occupationally exposed to hazardous noise in the US alone.  Since 2004, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that nearly 125,000 workers have suffered significant, permanent hearing loss. In 2009 alone, BLS reported more than 21,000 hearing loss cases.

Machinery/Factory noises can cause other damages as well; including but not limited to: reduction in productivity, workplace accidents, and physiological stress.

Volume of Sound is measured in decibels (db).  Near complete silence is 0 db (the softest sound possible).  The loudest possible sound is 194db. An average conversation is between 40db – 60db. Here are the decibel levels for some typical sounds you may hear:Sound Levels

Typically pain begins around 125db. But, that doesn’t mean damage can’t be done at lower levels! According to OSHA the maximum exposure time for unprotected ears per day is 8 hours at 90db.  And for every 5db increase in volume, the maximum exposure time is cut in half.

Constant Exposure to mid-grade level noise can be as or even more damaging as intermittent exposure to extreme noises. It is vital to protect against continuous noises like machinery and factory sounds.

Goff’s newest product Sound Curtains are designed to help reduce harmful noises and protect against hearing loss.  Depending on the frequency of your machinery noise, Goff’s Sound Curtains can reduce noise by up to 45db with a typical STC of 29.  Click Here to Learn More!



By: Stacy Pabst | Sales & Marketing Coordinator – Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.

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