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Bug Doors Do A Lot More Than Just Stopping Insects

If you’re managing a warehouse, you’re undoubtedly aware of how complicated the problem of your exterior doors can be.  Many employees will prefer to leave the doors open, due to the extra airflow this creates, and how it helps speed up loading and unloading operations.  Yet, leaving doors open also allows a lot of pests to enter the building – including bugs.

One easy solution to this is the installation of mesh-based bug doors, which create a best-of-both-worlds compromise solution.  You have a door which is impervious to any unwanted intruders but without the drawbacks of traditional solid doors.

They keep bugs out, yes, but bug doors bring several big benefits!

Why Mesh Doors Are A Great Choice for Warehouse Doors

Obviously, the primary goal is to keep insects and other pests out of your warehouse, and mesh doors are excellent at doing that.  The fine mesh guarantees very little pass through the door except for air.  They’re even effective at keeping out a lot of contaminants such as leaves or larger particulate debris.

There are no easy solutions for keeping a warehouse cool, especially during the summer.  In larger facilities, central air just may not be feasible – too expensive to operate, and too much cold air leaving the building.  Fans can help, but if the warehouse is sweltering, they’re only pushing hot air around.  But bug doors avoid this problem!  They create plenty of airflow between the warehouse and the outside, preventing it from becoming too stuffy.

Plus, in this situation, fans can easily be situated near the mesh door specifically for the purpose of pulling in cooler air from the outside.

Want to get even more value from your mesh door?  Motorize it!  High-speed door opening mechanisms can open a mesh door within a moment, and close it just as quickly – up to 54″ of door material per second.  This allows for even large mesh doors, such as those big enough to allow forklifts and other working vehicles to pass through, without inhibiting operations.

Goff’s Has the Partition Solutions You Need

We specialize in bug doors, curtain walls, strip doors, and other forms of partition which are designed to overcome complicated usage challenges.  Our doors can improve efficiency, provide better climate control, keep out pests, and improve worker morale in the process.  Contact us for a consultation on our solutions.

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