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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Companies Installing Strip Curtains to Protect Workforce During Wintertime

For facilities where access to the outdoors is required to streamline working processes, such as shipping buildings, companies must ensure their work teams are secure and protected against cooler winter temperatures. With temperatures beginning to dip now across North America, business leaders should now be examining potential options that would bring valuable security to their commercial buildings. The latest strip curtains are the ideal tool for this type of application and in this post we’ll examine the benefits strip curtains can bring to a range of facilities.

Enhanced Productivity

Protecting work teams against the cooler winter temperatures helps organizations maintain superior productivity levels. Using strip curtains between interior and exterior business areas, companies can secure their work staff while ensuring staff remain focused on their working processes.

Product Protection

The latest strip curtains offered by Goff’s are also designed for seamless protection against contaminants. This is ideal for environments in which food products or medical supplies must be stored before shipping. It also works to protect work teams against dust and other airborne allergens within the work space.

Separate Working Spaces

Companies can also use strip curtains to separate working areas within the facility. This means that loud machining work can be segregated from the rest of the building while still presenting an easy-to-use pathway between the areas.

Reduce Energy Costs

The temperature control offered through the use of strip curtains means companies can conserve their energy costs this wintertime by limiting the amount of warm air that escapes their facilities.

Through effective use of the latest strip curtains, businesses across the marketplace can enhance their productivity and reduce their costs this coming winter season. To learn more, contact our expert team directly at 800-234-0337.

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