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Crew for a Hot Car Stay Cool During Races

The action may be hot at the racetrack, but the crew for the best Auto Parts racing team stays cool thanks to an addition they made to their race trailer to beat the Texas heat.

Starting this season their trailer is now air conditioned, but typically that would mean the cool air would pour out of the trailer. To keep the chilled air inside, Best Auto Parts crew can access their tool area through a trailer curtain door recently introduced by Goff’s Enterprises.

Goff is an expert in vinyl partition products for industrial and other heavy-duty uses. The curtain door attaches along the header of their 28′ trailer to contain the conditioned air in the tool room. The partitioned area takes up one half of the trailer with the other half is for the car. The crew can easily slide the door open to quickly access the tool area and minimize exposure to the outdoors. While the curtain door keeps things cool while the crew works they also stop bugs and debris from coming into the trailer, which can be harmful to tools and precision parts.

The Auto Parts four-person crew typically shows up to take on other race teams at the Houston Raceway Park. During the racing season the track temperatures can reach into the 90’s and above, making the fun of going to the track uncomfortable.

“We had been talking about putting in AC into the trailer,” according to Best Auto Parts owner Jay Fincher, “but BJ Atchison with Trailers USA made the idea even better by suggesting the Goff’s trailer door curtains.”

“The door is sealing nice and holding the cool air in the trailer.”

The door has a stainless steel wall bracket with keyhole slot to keep it shut and tight and to prevent wind from blowing into the trailer.

The door will last for many seasons. The tough, industrial grade 18 oz. vinyl door material has a 40 mil clear PVC center window and even cuts out some of the track noise. To stand up to rugged use the curtain door is rot, tear and mildew resistant.

The curtains are mounted on nylon roller hooks that are supported on one-foot centers and glide along a 16-gauge galvanized track. The crew can go in and out of the tool areas quickly and the door easily closes up to seal in the cool air.

Jay’s son Lee adds, “not only is the trailer cooler on the inside, helping us work better on the car, but the trailer door also blocks out the insects, dust and debris.

The team races a Limited Modified Hot Chassis. This season at the Houston Raceway Park they won the most features in their class and came in second on points. Lee feels that working out of a cool trailer gave them an edge and “at least we didn’t have to struggle with the heat like the other teams.”

“With our air conditioned trailer space and the Goff’s trailer door to hold it in, we are set up so we can travel anywhere in the state if we want to.”



Trailer – Cool car is a cool trailer. When Best Auto Parts brings their Limited Modified Hot Chassis car to the Houston Raceway Park in an air-conditioned 28′ trailer.

Curtain door – Easy in and out. The Best Auto Parts racing crew can focus on the car and not the comfort inside of their trailer. The Goff’s trailer curtain door traps the cool but not the crew inside the trailer’s tool room.

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