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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Curtain Walls and Mesh Doors Help Prevent Heat Stress

Increased business obligations and pressure from customers can put a lot of strain on the workers in your warehouse and similar areas… but they don’t have infinite capacity for work.  In particular, if the facilities where they work lack sufficient climate control, they can start experiencing heat stress.

As workers begin to overheat, they’ll begin to show several symptoms such as lethargy, difficulty making decisions, poor decision-making, or other erratic behaviors which affect both efficiency and safety.  This is not mere laziness!  In many cases, these are genuine signs of bodily harm from overheating, and if pushed, the workers will only become sicker.  Serious life-threatening problems like heat stroke even become possible.

Obviously, for many warehouses and similar spaces, full-room HVAC is simply impractical.  However, there are still ways to reduce heat and keep your employees cool – such as utilizing curtain walls, strip doors, mesh doors, and other innovative types of partitions.

How Different Curtains Walls & Doors Can Significantly Reduce Chances of Heat Stress

There are many different kinds of walls and doors that increase airflow throughout a facility, while still serving their primary function as partitions between areas.  When combined with more simple forms of climate control, such as fans, you can quickly reduce the heat in a warehouse in highly cost-effective ways!

For example:

Curtain Walls slide easily and naturally back and forth, making them easy to work with.  They can be used as doors, or even as larger partitions to create spaces-within-spaces.  Either way, as they are open at the top and bottom, curtain walls allow plenty of air to pass through.

Strip Doors are great in situations where, normally, doors would need to be continually opened and closed.  They help prevent too much airflow but are useful at containing cool air in areas that need to stay cool.  However, some air still passes through, so rooms with strip doors remain less stuffy.

Mesh Doors provide all the access control of standard doors, but in a form that freely allows air to pass through – but only air.  Insects, animals, contaminants, and intruders are still blocked.  These are a great choice for external warehouse doors, as they allow plenty of airflow.

Heat stress and other heat-related illnesses are a major problem in warehouses, leading to decreased efficiency, employee health problems, and even liability claims.  Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.’s selection of alternative door types can prevent this!  Contact us to learn more.


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