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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Curtains Ensure Chips Do Not Fall Where They May

What do heavy-duty truck parts and medical packaging have in common?
Not much. Except in the case of the Brentwood Industries plant in Reading, PA where tight space requires that these two operations are happening side-by-side.
A set of rugged curtain partitions from Goff’s Enterprises blocks off the debris-throwing router used to make the truck parts do not land near the more environmentally sensitive area.
Brentwood Industries packs a lot of activity into their 205,000 sq. ft. specialty products manufacturing plant. Go to one part of the plant and they are at work on heavy-duty parts for trucks and passenger trains; stop over in another area and employees are turning out packaging for pharmaceuticals, food and medical industries; a third location makes wheelbarrows.
“We have to play host to customers and potential customers walking through our plant from time to time,” points out Mike McHenry, the Brentwood compliance officer, “and we have to present a tidy operation.”
“We have a several Motion Master CNC routers trimming Mack truck parts from plastic sheet, throwing debris were we don’t want our medical and pharmaceutical customers to see.”
“Besides, we don’t want to have people peppered by chips as they walk past the area.” Though the flying scrap can be a threat to the eyes, safety glasses are mandatory within the plant.
This is a rather new facility. In their old specialty products plant Brentwood set up a makeshift barricade around the routers made of 4 x 8 sheets of plywood slapped up on framing lumber.

“The barrier did the job of preventing debris from shooting out of the area,” says McHenry, “but for this new facility this wasn’t the image we wanted to put across.”
Plant management took to the internet for ideas and came up with Goff’s Curtainwalls. These partitions create professional looking space for the routers and do the job of confining the scrap flying off of the machines.
The Curtainwalls withstand tough industrial environments. The upper and lower opaque PVC sections are 14 oz. per square yard. The fabric is reinforced with polyester 9 x9 x 1300 denier weft inserted scrim, laminated into the fabric to give the Curtainwall a high tear and tensile strength without sacrificing flexibility. These reinforced vinyl curtain materials are manufactured to be certified flame retardant by the California State Fire Marshals office, as well as passing the NFPA-701 test for fire resistance.
The polyvinyl Curtainwall material is water repellent, mildew and rot resistant as well as being resistant to most chemicals. It can withstand a maximum temperature of 180° F and contains a cold crack resistance to -4° F.
The upper and lower reinforced vinyl Curtainwall sections are double lock stitched to a 20 mil double polished, clear, 52″ high windowed section that withstands temperatures of between -20° and +150°.
The heavy parts business has been brisk and the department is using the routers throughout the length of the workday. Without the Curtainwalls, the force of the router could spew chips that would be tracked into other areas such as the office and cafeteria. Air nozzles could carry it further. Aside from aesthetics, crucial to manufacturing the medical/pharmaceutical/food packaging is minimizing contaminants.

The medical/pharmaceutical manufacturing area is about sixty feet away from the routers and somewhat separated. In the old facility the medical/pharmaceutical/food packaging department was well separated from the router operation. “Blocking the debris is important,” says McHenry, “but we are concerned that we don’t want it to look like we are just slapping things together. Both the opaque and the window sections on the curtains can resist the spray of chips off the router and still retain their good looks.
Along with restricting the spread of the chips, the Goff’s Curtainwalls serve as a sound barrier. “We had an issue with acoustics getting out of control,” according to McHenry.
“This building is like a big drum”
According to McHenry, the Curtainwalls turned down the sound 5 to 6 dBA. The curtains form a ten foot high barrier beneath the 36 foot clear height ceiling, making space for the router ten feet wide by 25 feet long.
To enhance the concentration of employees handling paperwork or on the phone, Goff’s provided acoustical padding on the door leading into the office.
The curtains give Brentwood Industries the ability to perform their variety of operations, no matter the requirements of the process, without the need for excess space or solid walls.
“The Curtain Walls,” states McHenry, “allow us to do a lot within our plant and look good doing it at the same time.”
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Captions –
BW – side and wide – Making good use of space, durable Goff’s Curtain Walls ensures that a routing operation and precision parts manufacturing can happen side by side.
BW – quiet door – Quilted material from Goff’s Enterprises on the door leading to the office cuts noise for greater concentration over paperwork.

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