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Goff’s Enterprises Highlight the Benefits of Clean Curtains

Within food processing environments, it’s critical that companies harness materials designed to resist bacteria and other contaminants. Maintaining the highest level of cleanliness is the priority within this type of industrial application, and it’s why so many companies are now choosing Clean Curtains from Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. In this latest post, we’ll highlight the benefits of our clean curtains.

Designed to Prevent Cross Contamination

For companies operating multiple lines across their facility, cross-contamination of food products is a leading issue. Companies must adhere to strict safety guidelines that help mitigate contamination one line to another within their plants. The clean curtains from Goff’s Enterprises are a leading solution in this marketplace, and are designed to seal lines against potential contaminants in the surrounding environment.

Enhanced Productivity

A leading challenge for many food processing plant operators is that need to clean their systems regularly to prevent health and safety issues. These cleaning procedures can take many hours of productivity away from the company. The Clean Curtain from Goff’s helps support clean processing environments and minimizes the need for independent maintenance of the processing space over time.

Simple to Clean

Each curtain is produced using clear USDA-grade PVC material, which is designed to be non-porous and to shed water solutions and soils easily during cleaning. This ensures companies can reduce their cleaning work and focus on retaining the highest levels of productivity.

The latest curtain products from Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. are revolutionizing the industrial marketplace. To learn more on each of our products and their benefits, speak with our team today at 800-763-1538.

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