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Goff’s Enterprises Highlight the Industry’s Leading Sound Proof Curtains and Screens

Protecting your work teams against the loud machine noises the negative impact these sounds are having on your business practices, and how you can improve your working results through the deployment of sound proof curtains and screens. By learning more on the sound proofing options available to your business, you can mitigate the risks of a poor investment and so within this post, the team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. highlights several of the leading sound proofing options available for you and your business.

Air Compressor Screens

Air compressor screens are now utilized across the compressed air marketplace to protect employees against the high sound levels associated with air compressors. The latest air compressor screens are designed to reduce noise by up to 45dB, putting them in the sound transmission class 26 within their coverage area. This type of sound protection works to reduce the impact of the air compressor noise within the environment and allows employees to train their focus on the job while working in comfort.

Sound Curtains

Sound proof curtains work to separate facility areas in which loud applications are taking place. A leading advantage of deploying sound curtains within an industrial space is that they can be quickly integrated and then removed. This means that companies achieve the flexibility of using the sound proofing system when it’s required on a day-to-day basis. It’s a system that helps eliminate the cost of having to add a new wall to a facility and while allowing companies to secure their working areas.

Sound Control Screens

Sound control screens are the leading option for companies with a broad array of sound control issues throughout their facility. They are constructed on lightweight aluminum frames for seamless portability throughout the facility, and can be customized to meet a range of sound control challenges for industrial organizations.

By harnessing the latest sound control systems, companies can begin to reduce the impact that noise can have within their facility. To learn more on these products, speak with the Goff’s Enterprises team directly via 800-763-1538.

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