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Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. Outlines 3 Questions to Ask before Buying Sound Curtains

The integration of new sound curtains within an industrial facility can help workers remain focused and productive while protecting their hearing against the loud machine noises within the environment. But before purchasing sound curtains, it’s imperative that plant managers understand how to select the requisite product for their environment. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight 3 questions to ask before buying sound curtains.

What Experience does the Manufacturer Have?

It’s important that the manufacturer of the sound curtain has comprehensive experience within the marketplace and understands the challenges that plants face in achieving optimal sound suppression. This experience can ensure their products are built specifically for both ease-of-use and for durable performance.

How Does the Manufacturer’s Product Resolve My Company’s Sound Control Issues?

Customization is often important within the manufacturing of sound curtains. That’s because individual companies often have unique challenges within their environment, which must be resolved utilizing a one-of-a-kind product. The company selected for the manufacturing work should offer consultations before the work begins to ensure all potential challenges are mitigated in the manufacturing process.

Does the Product Meet the Latest Industry Regulations?

Sound suppression products must be designed to meet the latest OSHA regulations to ensure companies are meeting their responsibilities to their employees. The manufacturer chosen must have the ability to make OSHA-compliant systems that will reduce potential hearing problems within the working environment.

By answering the preceding questions, plant managers can streamline the purchase of their sound curtain products. Speak with one of the team members here at Goff’s Enterprises to learn more on the equipment selection process!

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