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Goff’s Enterprises Introduces New G2 Lite Under Header, Motorized Door

Pewaukee, WI – Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. has announced the addition of the G2 Lite Under Header, Motorized Door to their G2 Lite line of doors.

Goff’s G2 Lite Under Header, Motorized Door features a durable 6″ per second, in-tube operator with integrated limit switches allowing the door to be stopped at any position without using any rollers, springs or cables. It is available with a simple toggle switch control, or a low voltage interface which supports three-button and RF operation. The G2 Lite Door uses Goff’s proprietary aluminum vertical guide extrusions and a compact roll-tube enclosure that reduces the opening headroom by only 8″. The door is customer-configurable for opening sizes up to 12′ x 12′ and a compliant bottom “chain pocket” is used for irregular thresholds. Replaceable and interchangeable panels in vinyl, mesh, and clear PVC are available to make this door compatible all year long. The doors have custom high-performance fiberglass-reinforced panel stiffeners that allow it to easily be reset without damage to the door. The architecture of the G2 Lite Under Header, Motorized Door is based on Goff’s proven G2 and G2 Lite Door system architectures for a promising addition to your facility.

Goff’s G2 Lite Door line was released in 2012. It was adapted form Goff’s G2 Door as a cost effective option for dock doors and internal doors that do not endure heavy fork lift traffic and high wind loads. Goff’s G2 and G2 Lite Doors are available in a variety of manual and motorized options.

Goff’s Enterprises has been manufacturing a wide variety of flexible industrial space partitioning products for over 25 years. Based in Pewaukee, WI, Goff’s product line includes curtain walls, welding curtains & screens, high speed industrial vinyl and mesh roll-up doors, strip doors, sound control products, climate control curtains, food processing curtains and more.

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