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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Goff’s Enterprises Offers a Look at the Latest Curtain Walls for Industrial Companies

To secure your firm’s interior environment, you depend upon Curtain Walls for that exceptional performance during everyday use. These systems are a leading-class barrier against bugs and others outside contaminants and can ensure your company retains its productivity while meeting objectives for customers. Within this post, we’ll examine the latest Curtain Walls now available on the industrial marketplace.

HAZMAT Curtains

HAZMAT Curtains are a leading option for companies utilizing dangerous chemicals within their day-to-day processes. These systems work to quickly create separate privacy areas that protect outside workers against the dangerous sprays and other elements used in a different part of the facility. One of the leading benefits, for example, of the Goff’s Enterprises HAZMAT Curtains is they’re built for both wash-down and spray scenarios. This provides functional flexibility that will allow firms to achieve and retain scalable growth within their operations.

“Clean” Curtains

Clean curtains are utilized within food processing facilities, where chemical contamination and bacterial contamination can create persistent dangers to staff and customers. They can help food processing systems operators retain cleanliness within their facilities while minimizing the amount of costly maintenance the company must undertake within their day-to-day processes. For example, the Goff’s Enterprises Clean Curtains are designed to eliminate one sanitation cycle per week within the average food processing facility. This means greater worker productivity and greater long-term profitability for the business.

Outdoor Exterior Curtains

To create enclosed spaces within outdoor environments, companies can utilize exterior curtains. These partitions help separate working conditions within an outdoor environment and work to protect employees against potentially hazardous materials within their work space. A leading advantage of the Goff’s Enterprises exterior curtains is that these systems work to control the sound within the outdoor environment, and can also help control odors. It’s the type of exterior curtain that can ensure all outdoor staff retain their focus and achieve outstanding work.

By understanding the range of options available on the marketplace, business leaders can select the optimal product for their facilities and applications. To learn more on the range of Curtain Walls offered through Goff’s Enterprises, contact our team today directly at 800-763-1538.

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