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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Goff’s Industrial Curtain Walls Make the Most of Woodworking Production Space

(Pewaukee, WI) Goff’s Original Curtain Wall system creates a retractable barrier that can be drawn into use in seconds to provide space alternatives.  These versatile means of room separation will be on display at IWF Booth 4023, along with other Goff’s vinyl industrial products.

Goff’s Curtain Walls are the perfect way to protect processes while confining flying debris and the sprayed coatings commonly found in a wood working setting.  These are no match for the NFPA/CFM fire resistant vinyls that are used in every curtain.

“With so many production facilities seeking to make their buildings more flexible,” notes Goff’s President Tony Goff, “these curtains give them a variety of options.”

Goff’s Original Curtain Walls are constructed with a combination of the finest industrial vinyls available. The upper and lower opaque PVC sections are 14 oz. per square yard, reinforced with a polyester 9 x9 x 1000 denier weft inserted scrim which is laminated into the fabric to give the curtain a high tear and tensile strength without sacrificing flexibility.

These reinforced materials are exclusively manufactured for Goffs to be certified flame retardant by the California State Fire Marshals office, as well as passing the NFPA-701 test for fire resistance. The polyvinyl curtain material is water repellent; mildew and rot resistant, plus withstands most chemicals. It can endure maximum temperature to 180° F and contains a cold crack resistance to -40° F. This material is also available in twelve different colors.

The upper and lower reinforced curtain sections are double lock stitched to a 20 mil double polished, clear, 52″ high windowed section that withstands temperatures of between -20° and +150°. The sections are joined using mildew/rot resistant thread. Brass, toothed grommets are placed one-foot on center along the top for attachment to dual wheeled roller hooks that glide easily on the 16 gauge galvanized steel track system.

Goff’s Curtain Walls easily attach to one another via two-inch industrial Velcro fasteners placed in two, one-foot sections on each outer vertical edge and a zinc plated chain is sewn into the bottom edge for additional weight.

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of vinyl safety, curtain screens, curtain walls, and containment partitioning systems. Curtain Screen products include: Sliding, “Curtain Wall” partitions (The Original Goff’s Curtain Walls), “Strip & Dock door” curtains, Vertical “Roll-Up” curtains, Outdoor Curtains, “Goff’s Bug Blocking Curtain Doors”, “Weldview Curtains”, Welding Screens”, Track and roller systems and curtain screens. Goff’s also offers an array of curtain walls add-ons and options to enhance basic product functions that include: Floor-Mount Wind Ties, Filter Panel options, Curtain Cleaner, Curtain Shield (Protectant), Valance Panels and Floorsweeps. These products are sold through a nationwide network of distributors.


Please send inquires to:

Tony Goff

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.

1228 Hickory St.

Pewaukee, WI  53072

Telephone: (800) 234-0337

Fax:  (262) 691-3255

Email: sales@goffscw.com


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