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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Goff’s Introduces “Sound Curtains”

Flexible, Industrial Noise Control

(Pewaukee, WI) Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. introduces “Sound Curtains!” All new, custom made noise control curtains and screens designed to dramatically reduce harmful industrial strength noises. The unique ability to fan fold and collapse out of the way compared to other “stationary” noise control products, allows the user the flexibility to enclose an area during loud noise processes and open the space back up after the task is complete.

Goff's Sound Curtains

Durable and sleek, Sound Curtains can reduce noise by u

p to 45dB with a typical STC of 26 within the coverage area. Panels are constructed with a viscoelastic acoustic damper. Outer 18oz vinyl material is water, mildew, and rot resistant and is available in 9 color options. Panels can be hung from sliding style hardware or attached to a portable, heavy duty extruded aluminum frame.

“Goff’s Sound Curtains were designed with the end user in mind. Our entire product line is designed to create flexibility in the work place. Permanent walls can greatly limit production and growth” states Tony Goff, President of Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. “With the fan fold design, controlling sound doesn’t have to control work flow and plant layout.”
Goff’s Enterprises is the original manufacturer of the curtain wall.

Started in 1987, Goff’s has now extended its product line to include curtain walls, welding curtains & screens, high speed industrial vinyland mesh roll-up doors, strip doors, climate control curtains, food processing curtains, and more.


For more information contact:

Stacy Pabst

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.

800-234-0337 * www.goffscurtainwalls.com

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