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Goff’s Launches Revamped News Section on Website

Goff’s Enterprises has revamped the news section of its website www.goffscurtainwalls.com.

The updated news section www.goffscurtainwalls.com/news-center now features a brand new “Goff’s Blog” and a “Industry News/ Hot Topics” section. It also displays Goff’s company news, press releases, case histories, and trade shows. All of which are displayed in a more organized and easy to follow form.  The Blog and News sections both are available in RSS Feeds.

“The website is a vital part of our company’s marketing.” states Stacy Pabst, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Goff’s.  “This new design should allow our distributors and customers to fully keep up to date with things not only relevant to Goff’s, but the industry as well.”

Goff’s Enterprises is the original manufacturer of the curtain wall. Started in 1987, Goff’s has now extended its product line to include curtain walls, high speed industrial vinyl and mesh roll-up doors , welding curtains & screens, strip doors, noise control products, climate curtains, and food processing curtains.

For more information Contact:

Stacy Pabst

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.

800-234-0337 * sales@goffscw.com

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