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Goff’s Releases New Operator

Goff’s Releases New Operator

January 7th, 2011 (Pewaukee, WI) Goff’s has released a new 36” per second Solid State Operator Control that will allow for a quicker setup and easier installation for the distributor.  The new “Goff’s/Manaras Operator” features status integrator LED’s for easier trouble shooting, an integrated auto close timer and a proprietary soft start function. It also supports an easy setup plug-in

Goff's New 3600 Operator

RF receiver module to eliminate additional wiring.

This motor works in conjunction with Goff’s new G2 Door line that was released earlier this year. Goff’s G2 customized high speed roll-up doors feature easily replaceable, exchangeable  panels , a  wind load rating of 45 mph on a 10’x12’ door, and  automatic reset after impact or blow out.

Goff’s Enterprises is the original manufacturer of the curtain wall. Started in 1987, Goff’s has now extended its product line to include curtain walls, welding curtains & screens, high speed industrial vinyl and mesh roll-up doors, strip doors, noise control products, climate curtains, and food processing curtains.

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