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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

High-Speed Doors Bring Benefits Inside and Out

Doors are much more than simple barriers separating different parts of your facility from each other.  The right choice indoors can improve productivity while minimizing unwanted costs, such as unnecessary energy usage, while the wrong choice can become barriers to everyday work.

That’s why more facilities are choosing motorized vinyl high-speed doors for their operations.  These innovative door designs are perfect for improving productivity and reducing costs, while still fulfilling their main function.

What Are High-Speed Doors?

High-speed doors are a form of roll up door, made from vinyl and/or polyester mesh, attached to a high-speed motor for rapid opening and closing.  These doors can move at speeds of 54 inches per second, meaning a typical door only requires a couple of seconds to snap open and closed.

The buttons for activating them can be made large, so they’re easy to hit even when someone has their hands full.  Or they can be remote-controlled, or even motion activated.  Other options include clear segments to function as windows or mesh panels which allow airflow.

Where Can High-Speed Doors Be Deployed?

Almost anywhere!  For example:

Goff’s Enterprises Has Solutions for Your Portal Problems

We specialize in creating unique solutions for doors, apertures, and other portals which are designed to improve productivity and lower day-to-day costs.  For a quote on installation, or to learn more about our product lineup, just contact us.


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