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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

How Strip Doors can Improve Your Facilities

Looking for a partitioning solution that’s excellent for isolating one area from another, while still allowing easy unimpeded movement between the two areas?  Strip doors are the answer.  Ubiquitous and often-overlooked, strip doors provide plenty of benefits and have very few drawbacks.  Whenever you need all the benefits of a door, but without actually blocking movement, strip doors can handle the job.

Here are just a few ways they can improve your facility

strip doors

The Major Benefits to Installing Strip Doors in Your Facility 

1 – Ultra-cheap energy control

In terms of pure ROI, there is probably no better solution to climate isolation than strip doors.  They are highly effective at preventing the flow of air between different parts of your facility while being extremely inexpensive to install and maintain.  They can prevent 80-90% of the airflow that would occur with no door, or with a physical door left ajar.  They can easily pay for themselves in energy savings alone, potentially in only a few months.

As an added benefit, this also provides strong air pollution control.  Chemicals, fumes, and other air pollutants associated with manufacturing operations can be kept away from other parts of your facility.

2 – Noise isolation

Made of sturdy materials like PVC, our strip doors are also extremely effective at noise isolation.  They can reduce sound transmission by 15dB or more.  This makes strip doors particularly useful for isolating customer-facing areas from the rest of your operation.  You can talk with visitors without worrying about workspace noises interfering.

3 – Allow natural lighting

Another nice benefit of strip doors is that they let plenty of light in.  This is beneficial in multiple ways.  For one, it can reduce your need to pay for lighting during the day.  It also makes your facilities more attractive to visitors and can even improve morale among your workforce.

Our strip doors are UV stabilized, so they help block transmission of harmful rays as well.

4 – Stop birds, insects or other unwanted visitors

Strip doors can be surprisingly effective at deterring most birds, insects, and other flying creatures.  Unlike traditional windows, birds won’t accidentally fly into strip doors.  They see the strips as a solid object, and avoid them, cutting down on distractions or messes in your workplace.

Goff’s Curtain Walls has the low-cost partitioning solutions you need!  Contact us directly to learn more.



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