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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

How Thermal Climate Curtains Save You Money

Are you running an operation where it’s critical to keep different parts of your facility at different temperatures?  Are there particularly hot or cold areas that can affect climate in the rest of the building?  Does your workforce complain of uncomfortable temperatures, which you can’t fix due to such requirements on your workspace?

In any of these situations, thermal climate curtains may be the perfect solution.

What You Should Know About Thermal Climate Curtains

Thermal curtains from Goff’s Curtain Walls are made of double layers of vinyl, sandwiching 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation material.  The result is curtains which are thin and easy to work with, but highly effective at providing insulation within working environments.  They have an insulation factor of R5, but can be stacked as well to provide insulation up to R20 – enough to isolate industrial freezers or baking facilities.

However, these thermal curtains can be used almost anywhere in your facility. Because they’re lightweight and easy to work with, you can move them around without issue, placing them wherever they are needed.  They work just as well in office spaces as in warehouses or production facilities.

No matter how you utilize them, your workforce will appreciate the extra level of comfort they provide.

Along with their temperature-control benefits, these thermal curtains bring several other major benefits, including:

Plus, last but not least, climate curtains can save you plenty of money on air conditioning.  By keeping your hot or cold areas isolated, you can drastically reduce the amount of money being spent keeping other workspaces comfortable to work in.

For Affordable & Cost-Effective Partitioning, Call Goff’s Curtain Walls!

Since 1985, Goff’s Curtain Walls have been a growing fixture within working spaces across America!  Our innovative and high-tech partitioning solutions are designed to be affordable, easy to install, and multi-purpose.

To learn more about our partitioning products, just contact us.


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