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How to Reduce the Cost of Sound Curtains

Across the industrial marketplace, firms are now integrating sound curtains to provide their staff with a barrier against loud machining noises. But for growing organizations, this additional cost might be difficult to afford on their limited budget. In this latest blog, our team here at Goff’s Enterprises will review several techniques your organization can now use to reduce the lifetime cost of sound curtains.

  1. Choose a Trusted Manufacturer

It’s important to work with a trusted manufacturer when selecting sound curtains. A leading specialist in the marketplace is able to provide durable systems that will offer lasting performance within your company’s industrial space. They can help your firm to consolidate the cost of its sound curtains over the lifetime of the product by ensuring the system is strongly built and requires only limited maintenance.

  2. Analyze Financing Options

The most respected companies within the industry are now able to offer product financing options to their clients. Here at Goff’s, we understand the challenges facing growing industrial firms and we work with you directly to analyze your budget and provide you with a sound curtain product that is designed to fit precisely within your budgetary parameters. Our financing options will allow your organization to pay for the cost of the system over several months, providing you the financial flexibility to procure other equipment during that time and reducing the pressure on your team.

  3. Request a Quote before Selecting Equipment

One mistake many companies make is they research the available sound curtains without discussing the potential price-points for each product. Comparing price points is critical during the research phase to ensure the best level of value-for-money. If you’re considering selecting a certain sound curtain, you should ask for a quote to ensure you don’t spend too much time focusing on a product that is too expensive given your firm’s current financial restrictions.

By following the guidance highlighted in this article, you can significantly reduce your sound curtain expenditure while ensuring a high quality system for your facility. To learn more, please contact our trusted product specialists directly at 800-763-1538.

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