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How to Select the Best Strip Curtains for Your Applications

Strip curtains are designed to provide streamlined access in and out of a facility area while protecting that area’s climate. If you’re an industrial business operator, they can help your management staff to retain full visibility into working areas while ensuring that the optimal safety measures are in place to protect work teams against high levels of heat, humidity and other environmental elements found within the protected work space. But to ensure you select the ideal strip curtains for your facility, it’s important to know what to look for when assessing the market. In this article, we’ll detail what you need to know when choosing strip curtains for your facility.

Is the Product Fire Code Compliant?

Safety is a leading consideration when evaluating strip curtains. It’s important the product is made from the highest quality materials to ensure structural safety within the facility. It’s also important you analyze fire code compliance. Does the product reach compliancy standards within your region? This is a critical question to answer before moving forward with the purchase.

Consider the Optimal Operating Temperature

The structural quality of the strip curtain material is also an integral consideration when reviewing operating conditions in your facility. The curtains you select should be rated for performance within the parameters of temperature present in your facility. It’s the reason that the Goff’s Enterprises strip curtains are rated for use between -20F and +150F to provide a wide temperature parameter range for effective and safe use within industrial facilities.

Evaluate the Product’s Long-Term Durability

When selecting strip curtains, it’s important to consider whether the product is suitable for high traffic areas. If you’re operating a facility in which work teams constantly move in and out of the area, they may damage the strip doors over time. That’s why Goff’s Enterprises offers ribbed strips for strip curtains used in high traffic areas. These strips protect the product against degradation due to constant contact with work teams.

Selecting that high quality strip curtain product can help protect your work teams and improve team performance over many years. To learn more on the options available at the top of the industry, speak with our team directly via 800-763-1538.

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