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How Vinyl Doors Overcome Loading Dock Challenges

When part of your business relies on consistently moving product in and out, your choice in doors can make a huge impact on profits and productivity.  While perhaps not the most obvious option, vinyl doors on your loading dock can solve plenty of common problems – and without creating new problems in the process.

Here are just a few examples…

Four Loading Dock Problems That Can Be Solved with Vinyl Doors

  1. Productivity loss from opening and closing the door all day

Metal doors can be extremely slow to open and close and could even become a bottleneck to operations.  After all, you don’t want to just leave the door open all day.  However, lightweight vinyl doors can be fitted with high-powered motors that allow them to open or close within just a second or so.

The cumulative effect of this on overall productivity can be enormous when looked at over long periods.

  1. Choosing between ventilation and insects

Warehouses can easily become stuffy and difficult to work in, potentially even harmful if the temperatures get high enough.  The problem is trying to achieve ventilation, without letting insects and other potential contaminants into your warehouse.  However, vinyl doors can be made of a tight fiber mesh – strong and secure enough to act as a door, while still allowing airflow.

A vinyl dock door can significantly improve comfort levels within the warehouse, leading to higher productivity.

  1. High energy costs

Another big bonus to utilizing mesh-based vinyl dock doors is that they can significantly lower energy costs, particularly where air conditioning is concerned.  That airflow can reduce your need to utilize climate control within the warehouse, leading to lowered energy bills.

  1. Expensive damage to doors or machinery due to impact

If, for example, a forklift accidentally runs into a heavy metal door, that’s going to leave a mark.  The forklift, the door, or both will be damaged – and that gets expensive to fix, particularly if it’s a commonplace occurrence.  Vinyl doors, however, are designed to easily pop off their rails if an impact occurs and can be restored with ease.  Damage to either door or machine will be minimal if there’s any damage at all.

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