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Learn More About the ProMat Trade Show

Our team at Goff’s continues to attend the local trade shows to help showcase our services and provide more details about the type of products we’re offering in 2019. Our recent attendance at the ProMat Trade Show allowed us to connect with others in the manufacturing marketplace to review the latest operations technology and discuss potential changes in the coming years.

Over 130 expert sessions

The ProMat Trade Show brought together experts from across the supply chain and manufacturing industries. Our team at Goff’s had the chance to attend several of the 130 expert sessions and discovered more about how technology such as automation systems is increasingly playing a role throughout the industries.

Attendees from across the globe

At the ProMat Trade Show, there were attendees from across the globe connecting to discuss the latest industry innovations. This gave our representatives at Goff’s the chance to speak with experts in our manufacturing field from a wide array of countries. We shared information regarding our working processes and compared working processes with other worldwide companies to see what we can learn from each other in supporting growth across the industry. Having these conversations allowed us to generate knowledge and understanding, and gave us further tools for improving our own working performance in the years ahead.

Senior management communication

With a large majority of the attendees at ProMat in senior management roles within their companies, we were able to speak with a number of decision-makers and discuss exciting business partnerships for the years to come. We will be continuing to speak with other ProMat attendees about potential working relationships and using our knowledge from the event to develop our product and service range.

Moving forward

Our team at Goff’s looks forward to upcoming events within the manufacturing industry as we seek new ways to meet the growing requirements of our customer base. Our latest range of sound curtains, climate curtains, and welding screens is being developed based on continual feedback from our clients. If you have a question about our product line or about the ProMat Trade Show, please call our team today. We can build custom products for your in-house applications and provide clear guidance regarding partition challenges within your building.


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