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Motorized Mesh Curtain Door Blocks out Bugs, Keeps Traffic Rolling

(Pewaukee, WI) Goff Enterprises introduces its new Motorized Bug Blocking Curtain Door, an easy, economical way to allow

the flow of cool air and sunlight through exterior doors. The door protects the interior by keeping bugs, birds and intruders outside, yet this powered Bug Blocking Curtain enables the flow

Bug Door

of traffic on busy docks.

This powered Bug Blocking Curtain Door opens at speeds from six in/sec. to 12 in/sec., and is operated by either a st


ndard hard-wired toggle switch or wireless remote control. The curta

in glides easily along a custom vertical aluminum guide extrusion on low frictio

n rollers for smooth motion, minimal wear and ease of installation. Door stays in its track despite high windloads.

Often crews in non-air-conditioned plants will seek to cool-off on hot days by leaving the dock door open. The Bug Blocking Curtain beats a wide open door two ways. Built-in features include:

  • § Fiberglass protrusion tubes (horizontal stiffeners) bend if loaded – won’t break or kink.
  • § Rugged custom extruded guide track captures rollers – wind cannot blow curtain out of the door frame.
  • § The 18-oz. vinyl door is rot, tear and mildew resistant, standing up to the harshest weather.
  • § All seams are double-locked stitched for extra strength.
  • § Double baffle under valence prevents pests from entering.

A 17 by 11 polyester scrim provides openings too small for insects to penetrate, making it ideal for food processing or bottling plants. But cool air and sunshine can.

This big screen door offers a shade/screen improvement factor to 65%, bringing greater comfort without the operating costs. Compared to the wide open door, the mesh screen dramatically reduces radiant sun heating while inviting in welcome air circulation.

This line of doors from 8′ x 8′ to 14′ x 14′ is suitable for rugged dock environments. This 11 oz. pre-coated woven vinyl mesh screen is resistant to all ultraviolet rays and withstands rot, tearing and mildew.

On all Bug Blocking models, top valance panels, EPDM strips, and bottom floor sweep form a complete seal to provide near total protection from insects, rodents, and birds. The “Double Baffle” valance panel helps to ensure a tighter seal against unwanted insects while the front of the valance mounts to the building rather than to the curtain track, improving stability and creating a more rigid mount.

Five colors are available: blue, green, cream, black and gray.

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of vinyl safety, curtain screens, curtain walls, and containment partitioning systems. Curtain Screen products include: Sliding, “Curtain Wall” partitions (The Original Goff’s Curtain Walls), “Strip & Dock door” curtains, Vertical “Roll-Up” curtains, Outdoor Curtains, “Weldview Curtains”, Welding Screens”, Track and roller systems and curtain screens. Goff’s also offers an array of curtain wall add-ons and options to enhance basic product functions that include: Floor-Mount Wind Ties, Filter Panel options, Curtain Cleaner, Curtain Shield (Protectant), Valance Panels and Floorsweeps. These products are sold through a nationwide network of distributors.


Please send inquires to:

Tony Goff

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