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New Photo Eye for G2 HarshGuard Doors

Just released, a new photo eye for Goff’s G2 HarshGuard Doors. The new system is designed to avoid “false trips” due to elements such as water spray, mist and localized fogging. It uses an opposed high power emitter-receiver pair that provides excellent performance in wide door configurations.

G2 HarshGuard Photo Eye

The unit is completely waterproof having an IP67

and NE

MA-6 environmental rating, and is also rust and corrosion proof due to ABS/polycarbonate blend housings. Through the use of a 875nm infrared beam and advanced optics, the unit has an enhanc

ed immunity to interference from sunlight and incandescent or fluorescent lighting. For setup and diagnostic purposes the units have easy-to-see LED power and status indicators, and can be interfaced to all Goff’s operators and controls without the need for additional power supplies or amplifiers.

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