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New Product Release – G2 HarshGuard Doors!

Goff’s Introduces “G2 HarshGuard Doors”!

In an effort to provide a reliable, hi-speed vinyl door capable of withstanding the caustic and corrosive environment present in a Car Wash, Goff’s Enterprises, Inc has released the NEW “G-2 HarshGuard Door”.   Revolutionized from Goff’s Original HarshGuard Door, the G-2 HarshGuard Door automatically resets, reducing down time after impact or blow out.

Goff’s uniquely created fiberglass extrusions secured in custom extruded aluminum side beams create a wind load rating of 45 mph on a 10’x12’ door.  Featuring a water and dust proof motor that travels at speeds of 28” per second, the door is constructed with stainless steel and aluminum components and is impervious to rust and most chemicals. Goff’s G-2 HarshGuard door has exchangeable panels available in 18 oz coated vinyl or 40 mil clear PVC mater

G2 HarshGuard Door

ials for easy replacement if damaged or dirtied. Notable is the absence of cables, wheels, springs, and sewn construction. These have been replaced with custom fiberglass wind bar stiffeners and a heat seal construction, summarized in Goff’s G-2 Doors’ tag line “Simply. Intelligent.” Also included are a reverse safety feature and EPDM rubber side seals and baffle.

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