• Goff's Curtain Walls

Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Options & Add On’s

Goff’s Curtain Walls can be fitted with a variety of accessories!

*Please visit individual product pages to see which acessories can be equiped with your product.

Choice of Colors

For no additional charge, choose from 12 colored top or bottom vinyl’s to brighten up your facility!

Stainless Steel Rollers avaliable for Large Curtains and Outdoor Curtains

Recommended for curtains over 15′

Standard on Outdoor & Super Exterior Curtains

Floor Mount Wind Ties™

Any Goff Curtain Wall can be equipped with “Floor Mount Wind Ties”. These easy to fasten tie downs are sewn directly onto the bottom of the Curtain Walls keeping breezes from blowing curtains around. The 4”, steel, surface mounted pan encompasses a flip up “D” ring that keeps the curtains held down via a 1” wide webbing strap that attaches directly to the “D” ring.

“Style A” Wind Ties: Loop through the “D” ring attaching back to itself via industrial hook & loop fasteners and are perfect for most indoor or occasionally breezy applications.

      Style A           Style C

“Style C ” Wind Ties: Hook onto the “D” ring via a zinc plated spring clip which can be adjusted by sliding the steel buckle up or down on the webbing which is sewn directly onto the Curtain Wall. “Style C” Wind ties are appropriate when used in conjunction with Goff’s “Outdoor Material” curtains or when curtains are placed in areas with excessive air movement.

Filter Curtain Wall Panels™

These Filter panels allow air exchange between any two areas which the Curtain Walls separate. The filter panels are easily removable and replaceable due to the 2″ wide industrial hook & loop fasteners which are sewn directly onto both the curtain and filter panels. The 2′ x 4′ or 4′ x 4′ filter sections are reinforced via a nylon scrim pattern that allows these replaceable panels to hold their form and are the perfect way to direct air flow in curtained areas.

Valance Panels

These “Filler” curtains are used to create more complete separation of work areas above Goff curtain packages, keeping virtually all contaminants out of unwanted areas. Custom manufactured to any size height and width, these valances are constructed of the same top quality 14 oz. or 20 mil. materials used in fabricating the original Curtain Walls. Grommets 1′ O.C. along top and hook & loop fasteners at the bottom are options that make hanging your valance panels quick and easy.

Floor Sweep Attachment

When additional area confinement is needed our “Floor Sweep” attachment maybe your answer. Goff’s Curtain Walls are designed to hang 1″ above the floors surface, keeping the chain weighted lower hem from dragging on the floor, and eventually wearing out. Our Floor Sweep attachment is available either removable or non-removable and seals the gap between the Curtain Wall’s bottom and the floor. When the Floor Sweep wears out, simply trim the worn edge with a scissors, if the floor sweep should ever wear to the point of not sealing, remove and replace. Also perfect for pitched floors… hang your Curtain Wall and trim your floor sweep to the desired pitch!

Curtain Wall Cleaner & Shield

Goff’s Curtain Shield provides a semi-transparent, protective coating that when applied, dirt and over spray will attach to rather than sticking to the curtain itself. Dries to a tack-free, transparent, flexible and protective shield that intercepts dirt and over spray before reaching and damaging your Curtain Wall.


Goff’s Curtain Cleaner is a safe and effective way to clean the entire Curtain Wall without damaging the vinyl’s. It is designed to be environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-hazardous and non-flammable.

Stripdoor Walkthroughs

Goff’s can equip any curtain wall with a 3′ wide x 7′ high strip door upon request. The strip door is sewn directly into the curain and is replaceable.  Allows passage from one side to the other without interrupting operations by having to draw the curtain out of the way. Constructed of 6” strips, .060 thick with a 50% overlap.

Vinyl Mesh

Available for improved airflow, when the air doesn’t need to be filtered (See Filter Wall Curtain Panels – Above) Available in 7 colors.  Custom mesh panels can be custom sized and located to your specifications.

Custom Logos

Your company can have your Curtain Walls personalized with your company logo or slogan. Custom price based on size, colors and quantity.

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