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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Stock Curtains

Stop Wasting Space! Goff’s stock curtains are the easiest way to separate & maximize your work space!


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Goff’s is the #1 manufacturer of curtains for the collision repair industry.

Choose the auto body curtain system that is preferred by prep-station & spray booth manufacturers worldwide! Goff’s Curtain Walls create work stalls that help control paint, grinding sparks, aluminum and steel dust, water and chemicals.

Curtains are ideal for prep stations, wash down areas, and finishing stalls. Adding Goff’s Curtain Walls helps create a safer, cleaner work environment, improve facility appearance, and reduce heat and cold loss.

Stock Curtain Packages ship within 24 hours complete with mounting hardware!

Benefits & Applications

Benefits Include:

  • Eliminates costly brick and mortar permanent type walls.
  • Separates conflicting tasks within work environments.
  • Quickly creates privacy areas
  • Improves working conditions
  • Easily slides out of the way when not needed
  • Helps to control contaminants, temperature, odors, sound and light.
  • Easy to install, clean and replace
  • Five-year warranty on curtain/Lifetime warranty on all hardware

Applications Include:

  • Painting Bay
  • Blasting Bays
  • Wash Bays
  • Maintenance Bays


Features of Goff’s Curtain Walls Include:

  • 14 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric with 20 mil clear PVC window section
  • Curtains meet NFPA 701 & California State Fire Marshall Standards
  • Double Lock Stitching with mildew/rot resistant thread.
  • Finished Edges with 2″ Industrial Strength Velcro for attaching to adjacent curtains
  • Fully enclosed, sewn in, galvanized chain in the bottom hem for motion reduction
  • Resistant to most chemicals


Curtain Wall Warranty

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. warrants FIVE years from date of purchase.

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. warrants all Curtain Wall Systems from failure in normal use due to defects in material or workmanship for a period of FIVE years from date of purchase. A LIFETIME warranty on all track & roller hardware. Goff’s Enterprises may elect to repair or replace defective or damaged goods.


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“One day we need a finishing room, the next day we need space to….”

I am a custom furniture maker. We have a 3000 ft facility and have always had to juggle our space. Each job is always different. One day we need a finishing room, the next day we need space to put parts off our CNC.I have had the good fortune to own a Goff’s curtain wall which I installed in 1995. I use an area in my workshop to act as both manufacturing space and a finishing room for our water base finishing. I now am with the help of Goff’s engineers making a modification to my system to go around some new machinery. The need for multi purpose spaces is ongoing and I hope to use a Goff’s curtain wall to isolate a sanding area.

Stephen Robin
Stephen Robin Associates

“…..ordered for many years from Goff with great success”

Collision Services has ordered for many years from Goff with great success. They have excellent turn around times once an order is placed and ship. They also make sure that the product is packaged properly and have excellent customer service.

John Brinker
Collision Services
Hudson, Iowa

“Goff Enterprises continually surpasses our expectations!”

Goff Enterprises continually surpasses our expectations! ALL of our salesmen have “Goff Success Stories”. Quality product, expedient quotes, excellent pricing, accurate shipments, post order challenges rectified quickly…Goff IS the real deal!

Mid Middleton
Carolina Material Handling

“The Factory Support & Follow Up is Second to None!”

“The Factory Support & Follow Up is Second to None!”

Mike Callahan

DACO Material Handling

Kent, WA

“Thanks for the Product You Supply”

“Curtain and assembly were very easy to install and the product is durable for the application. Thanks for the product you supply. We will contact you again in the futrue. ”

Thomas Sutter

Barr Commerical Door Repair

Sun Valley, CA

“Each of my purchases have been a pleasure….”

“The product you offered is exactly what we needed for this application. It’s a good looking product. It’s clean and affordable and the compact size and durability of the product made our decision.Your sales staff is very polite and professional. Each of my purchases have been a pleasure and you’ve made it easy to understand the product and its capabilities. I have no negative remarks about my experience with Goff’s products or personnel.”

Brian Creech

Creech Overhead Door

Bunn, NC

“Goff’s was very helpful and the product worked perfected.”

“Goff’s was very helpful and the product worked perfected. I like the wide selection of products you supply.”

Mike Kappel


West Bend, WI

“I am proud to sell these products as I am always sure to have a happy customer.”

I have been a Goff customer since 1985. I as well as my customers have been very happy with the product and installation. It has always been a pleasure to work with the company and it’s employees who provide excellent customer service. I am proud to sell these products as I am always sure to have a happy customer.

Don Young

Young’s Equipment Sales, LLC

Maplewood, NJ

“They’re willing to stand behind their products & give me & my customers the support we need.”

“I can pick up the phone or email any of the staff I know at Goff’s and they will all work with me to provide the best solution to a problem. They are willing to stand behind their products and give me and my customers the support we need.I have personally met staff members from Goff’s, and they are just as friendly and helpful in person as on the phone. I have given them unique requests and they always assisted teh best they could.”

J.R. Woolridge III

Hydro-Spray Wash Systems, Inc.

Clearfield, PA

“We only sell your product because it’s the best!”

“We only sell your product because it’s the best! Our customer needed a curtain to keep particals from flying out of his bay area. We give Goff’s the application and the dimensions and they gave us the product. If you need a curtain to do anything Goff’s has the correct one for the application. I just wish we could sell more!”Vicki Behr

Howard Marten Fluid Technologies Inc.

Edmonton, AB

“…the process is very easy and professional.”

Every time we order from you the process is very easy and professional. The products come in a timely fashion and are always correct.

Gary Vermillion
Pro Automotive Finishes LLP
Greeley, CO

Common Curtain Layouts

Industries Served

Industries Include:

Car Wash
Commercial & Retail
Food Processing
General Industrial
Home Enthusiast
Logistics & Trucking
Wood Working
And Many More………

Mounting & Hardware

Goff’s Curtain Wall Packages Come Complete with Mounting Hardware!

Included: End Mounts, Universal Splices (for flush or suspend mounting), 16 gauge galvanized steel track pieces and nylon roller hooks.

90 degree curves and other mounting hardware are also available.


Options & Accessories Avaliable:

To view additional information about the accessories click here!

Curtain Cleaner

Goff’s Curtain Cleaner is a non-chemical based cleaner that cleans & removes dirt & grime from all types of vinyls. It is safe for all vinyl & pvc curtain wall product. It will not harm or yellow the clear window section and works great as an all purpose cleaner!

Custom Logos

Personalize your curtain with your custom company logo!
Prices based on size, color, & quantity.

Filter Panels

Goff’s Filter Panels allow air flow between areas and help alleviate negative pressure in work areas.
Avaliable in 2’x4 or 4’x4′ sizes, filter panels come standard with hook & loop fasteners around the edges for easy replacement.

Floor Sweep

Goff’s offers a 6″ floor sweep custom made to match each curtain to block dirt & dust from sliding underneath the curtain.
Sewn on or attached with velcro for easily replacement!

Shield All

Goff’s Shield All is an entirely water based liquid that creates a protective barrier for the curtain from dirt, grime, & over-spray.
Goff’s Shield All dries transparent & “tack free”. The curtains remain flexible and flame retardant if peeled off.
Easily wash off shield and dirt with water and re-apply for long lasting, clean curtains!

Valence Panels

Goff’s Valence Panels are custom made in any dimension to create a permenant barrier above a curtain wall. Valences can be equipped with velcro or grommets for mounting.

Walk-Through Strip Door

Goff’s 3′ x 7′ Walk Through Strip Door is built into the curtain for easy access from one side to the other.
The strip door is attached to the curtain with velcro for easy replacement.

Wind Ties

Goff’s offers 2 styles of wind ties to help keep curtains from in place in windy situations.
Style A wind ties are designed for interior use and feature a velcro type attachment.
Style C wind ties are designed for exterior use and feature a spring clip attachment.

Sizes & Colors

Goff’s Stock Curtain Sizes are Designed to Easily Create Work Stalls for Automobile Repair and Painting!

Goff’s Stock Curtain Walls come in heights of 8, 9, 10, & 12′ High and in widths of 6, 12, and 24′.

2, 3, and 4 sided stations also available.

Single Curtains
Part # (with hardware)
Multi-Sided Stations
Part # (with hardware)
6X8 11135 8 High (2 Sides) 11137
6X9 11136 9 High (2 Sides) 11146
6X10 11134 10 High (2 Sides) 11140
6X12 11133 12 High (2 Sides) 11143
12X8 11083 8 High (3 Sides) 11138
12X9 11084 9 High (3 Sides) 11147
12X10 11089 10 High (3 Sides) 11141
12X12 11082 12 High (3 Sides) 11144
24×8 11088 8 High (4 Sides) 11139
24X9 11085 9 High (4 Sides) 11148
24X10 11086 10 High (4 Sides) 11142
24X12 11087 12 High (4 Sides) 11145
Custom Sizes Also Avaliable!

Colors come standard:

Blue vinyl bottom, clear middle window pvc section, & white vinyl top.

Blue -14 oz

White -14 oz

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