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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation


G2 High Performance Doors

High Performance vinyl and mesh doors at an affordable price designed for interior and exterior high cycle traffic speeds up to 54” per second and openings up to 16’ x 16’

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Wash Guard Doors

High Performance car wash doors designed to simplify operation & minimize maintenance to keep your car wash profitable and operational. Available up to 36″ per sec in openings up to 14′ x 14′

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Clean Guard Doors

High Performance doors for wash down applications typically used in Food Processing Plants, Contract Packaging Facilities, Poultry Processing Plants, and Beverage and Food Packaging.

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Fall Guard Safety Doors

The Fall Guard door safety system features full coverage fall protection to go beyond OSHA standards to keep your personnel safe. Built with extremely durable materials, our patent-pending design is engineered to be easier to deploy, safer to use, and better for your bottom line.

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Intermediate Doors

High-Performance roll-up doors at an affordable price featuring a direct drive 20” per second motor, up to 30 cycles per hour.

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G1 Bug Screen Doors

Light duty doors typically used for loading docks and light traffic locations with sizes up to 12×12 and competitively priced for today’s cost-sensitive customers.

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Other Door Goff’s Products

Other Products

Additional products include Side Seal Bug Doors, Structural Door Support Frames, and Vinyl & Mesh Trailer Doors.

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