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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation



High-performance vinyl and mesh doors at an affordable
price designed for interior and exterior high cycle traffic
speeds up to 54” per second and openings up to 16’ x 16’



High performance vinyl and mesh roll-up doors. Designed as a high-speed, multiple application door, the 5400 series can open and close at 54” per second.

High performance vinyl and mesh roll-up doors at an affordable price! Featuring auto-reset, and exchangeable panels. The 3600 series can open and close at 36” per second, designed to handle up to 160 cycles per hour.

Fast acting vinyl doors designed for extreme conditions! Perfect for food processing plants, wash down areas, and more!

Fast acting vinyl car wash doors! Constructed with stainless steel and aluminum components and a water proof motor.

High performance roll-up doors at an affordable price featuring a direct drive 20” per second motor, up to 30 cycles per hour.

High performance roll-up doors at an affordable price featuring an 18” per second in-tube motor, up to 24 cycles per hour.

Manually operated chain hoist door that can start and stop in any location in door opening. This door is available in up to 16’ x 16’.

Light duty doors typically used for loading docks and light
traffic locations with sizes up to 12×12 and competitively
priced for today’s cost sensitive customers.

Keep the birds, the bugs and all other pests out and let the fresh air in with the G1 Mesh Door.

High performance doors for wash down applications
typically used in Food Processing Plants, Contract Packaging Facilities, Poultry Processing Plants, and Beverage and Food Packaging.

Prep your wash down facility with the Clean Guard door that features an IP-65 Rated wash down motor, chemical resistant door panels and more.

Other Door Products

Keep pests out and allow fresh air in with Goff’s Manual Side Seal Door! Doors slide side to side on a track and roller system. Perfect for applications with little mounting room.

Stable, convenient, and easy to assemble Structural Door Support Frame to install a Goff’s door in any location at your facility – No door opening needed!

Control temperature & bugs with Goff’s Trailer Doors! Custom made for each trailer!

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