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Clean Guard

High Performance Door for wash down applications

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The Goff’s Clean Guard doors offer a premium, wash down ready, high performance door.  This door comes standard with many premium features that are required for facilities that wash down the area around the door and must wash down the door on a regular basis.  The door is designed to be a very durable door that will not rust, corrode or deteriorate in these conditions.  It is priced very competitively compared to other doors with the same features and major upgrades.


IP-65 rated, wash down door

Reinforced fiberglass wind bars

Pre-assembled components and simple door design – reduces installation time.

Door panels are chemical resistant

Adjustable projection mount hardware to provide maximum flexibility for many installation scenarios.

Door panels meet NFPA-701 and CSFM flame resistance standards.


Benefits & Applications

Benefits of Goff’s Clean Guard Doors Include:

  • Controls airborne contaminants.
  • Improves building appearance.
  • Door panels meet NFPA 701 and California Fire marshal standards flame resistance standards.
  • Door panels are chemical resistant.
  • IP-65 rated, wash down door.
  • Quick installation with only 4 components.
  • VFD provides soft start / stop (42″/sec only).
  • Reinforced fiberglass wind bars.

Applications Include:

    • Food Processing Plants
    • Contract Packaging Facilities
    • Poultry Processing Plants
    • Beverage and Food Packaging
    • Any wash down required location



Features of Goff’s Clean Guard Doors Include:

  • Non-corrosive, construction grade PVC side guides
  • Dual door seals for reduced air infiltration
  • NEMA 4 (Up/Down/Stop)
  • NEMA 4 through beam photo eye
  • Stainless steel track transition pieces
  • Stainless steel end brackets that support the door roll
  • Mildew resistant vinyl door panels are individually replaceable
  • Full roll cover to protect the top of the door
  • Full width, 40 Mil double polished clear PVC window, optional at no cost
  • Direct drive motor:
    • 110 volt, 1 phase (40 cycles per hour)
    • 208 volt, 3 phase (120 cycles per hour)
    • 480 volt 3 phase (120 cycles per hour)
  • Manual crank override in case of power failure
  • No sewn construction on door panels


Clean Guard Door Warranty

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc warrants all Clean Guard doors for 3 years. This includes all component parts including the motor and field labor.  Goff’s reserves the right to repair or replace warranty items at its discretion.


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Industries Served

Food Processing
General Industrial
Logistics & Trucking
Wood Working
And Many More………


Options & Accessories:

Toggle Switch

Toggle Switch is standard on all G1 powered doors.

RF with Remote Control

Transmitter and a receiver.  Perfect for use with Fork Lift/Vehicle Drivers.

Pull Cord

Mounts to the ceiling.  Perfect for Pedestrians & Fork Lift/Vehicle Drivers.

Reflective Photo Eye

Optional safety photo eye is available on powered doors.

Nema 1 – 3 Button Controller

Optional on G1 Doors.

NEMA 4 – 3 Button Controller

Up/Down/Stop controls

Motion Detectors

Automatically detect pedestrian and vehicle motion within a certain range of the detector.


Face Mount 
Mounts directly to the wall at the door opening.
Projection Mount

Projects around an existing door.


Motor Option

Standard 20″/sec Direct Drive Motor

Offered in 115 volt, single phase (40 cycles per hour) or 208 volt 3 phase (120 cycles per hour).

Standard 42″/sec Direct Drive Motor with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

Offered in 115 volt or 230 volt, single phase (120 cycles per hour) and 230 volt or 480 volt 3 phase (120 cycles per hour).

Sizes & Colors

Goff’s Clean Guard Doors are available in sizes up to 12′ x 12′

12 Vinyl Color Options!




Forest Green






Field Green



*The color options shown are not an exact match.  For samples of the material please contact Goff’s.

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