• Goff's Curtain Walls

Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Options & Add On’s

Goff’s Doors can be fitted with a variety of accessories!

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Choice of Colors

For no additional charge, choose from 9 vinyl color options & 7 mesh color options.

18 oz ColorsMesh Colors

3 Position Toggle Switch

3 position toggle

Standard on Gravity Doors (Not available on G-2, HarshGuard, or Drawtite Doors)


Nema 1 – 3 Button Controller Nema 1

Standard on G-2, HarshGuard, & Drawtite Doors. Avaliable of for upgrade for Gravity Doors.


RF with Remote Control Goff's Door Remote

Transmitter and a receiver. Perfect for use with Fork Lift/Vehicle Drivers!


Motor Weather Cover

Protect the motor with a weather cover! Availablefor left or right side motors.


Pull Cord

Mounts to the ceiling. Pefrect for Pedestrians & Fork Lift/Vehicle Drivers!


Extra Push Button Controllers

Single Push Button        Nema 4 (Locking)  Nema 4 (Avaliable in Wired or Wireless)

Single Push Button    Nema 4      Nema 4

Motion Detector

Motion detectors automatically detect pedestrian and vehicle motion within a certain range of the detector.

Auto Close Timer

Close the door automatically after a certain amount of time to cut down on heat/cold loss or to maintain privacy.

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