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Model 2000 Door

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The Model 2000 Door requires little maintenance and automatically resets after impact or blowout. The Model 2000 also has easily replaceable, exchangeable heat sealed panels available in solid vinyl, mesh, & clear PVC, creating a truly “All season” door! With a design that excludes wheels, cables, springs and sewing the Model 2000 Door is “Simply. Intelligent.”

Maximum door size – 12’x12′

Door speed – 20″ per second up and down

Drive system – direct drive motor available in 115v single phase or 208v 3 phase

Duty cycle – 30 cycles per hour

Goff’s Standard Features Package
Full width vision window
Full width roll cover
Fiber glass reinforced wind bars
Replaceable door panels
Auto-close timer
Auto-reset after door impact


Benefits & Applications

Benefits of Goff’s G-2 Doors Include:

  • Significantly reduces heat from sun while allowing light and fresh air into work areas.
  • Keeps out unwanted pests, birds and intruders.
  • Controls airborne contaminants.
  • Improves building appearance.
  • Increases security, deters trespassing, theft and vandalism.
  • Allows fresh air to flow through for comfort and productivity
  • Helps meet FDA and AIB requirements.
  • Exchangeable panels allow the same exterior door to be used in both warm & cold weather situations. Allow air to flow through in summer and keep heat in during cooler months.

Applications Include:

    • Loading Docks
    • Fork Truck Traffic Areas
    • Garages
    • Interior & Exterior Door Openings
    • Food Processing Facilities
    • Process Areas
    • Waste Areas
    • Plant Overhead Doors



Features of Goff’s G-2 Doors Include:

  • Automatic re-set after blow-out
  • Reflective photo eye safety feature included (motorized only)
  • Wind load ratings by door size
  • Easily replaceable, exchangeable heat sealed panels available in solid vinyl, mesh, & clear PVC.
  • 11 oz Mesh optional panels that are constructed of 17 X 11 polyester scrim, providing small openings difficult for insects to penetrate & provides a 65% shade factor to lower temperature and save energy, while meeting AIB standards.
  • 18 oz coated colored Vinyl
  • 40 Mil double polished clear PVC
  • Resistance to all ultraviolet rays and is rot, tear and mildew resistant.
  • Meeting NFPA 701 and California Fire marshal standards for flame resistance.
  • Three year warranty on materials & workmanship – One year warranty on motor drive mechanism.


Door Warranty

Goff’s Enterprises, inc warrants all High Performance Doors for 3-years – limited warranty on materials and workmanship. Warranty includes electric motor. Goff’s reserves the right to repair or replace warranty items at its discretion.

Industries Served

Food Processing
General Industrial
Logistics & Trucking
Wood Working
And Many More………


Options & Accessories:

Extra Window

Hand Held Remote

Motion Detector

Nema 1 Control

Nema 4 Control (Wired)

Nema 4 Control (Wireless)

Pull Cord

Single Button Control


Face Mount

Outside Face Mount to the Front of the Building

Projection Mount 

Inside Projection Mount in conjunction with existing security door. Commonly used when dock seals prevent Face Mounting to the front of the building.

Motor Option



Sizes & Colors

Goff’s G-2 Doors are available in sizes up to 16′ x 16′ h

9 Vinyl Color Options and 7 Mesh Color Options Available!

Beige -18 oz

Black -18 oz

Blue -18 oz

Green -18 oz

Grey -18 oz

Orange -18 oz

Red -18 oz

White -18 oz

Yellow -18 oz

Almond -11 oz Mesh

Black -11 oz Mesh

Blue -11 oz Mesh

Green -11 oz Mesh

Grey -11 oz Mesh

Red – 11 oz Mesh

Yellow – 11 oz Mesh
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