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Roll Up Doors Save Time, Money, And Energy

When designing any sort of warehouse-style operation, it’s crucial to consider every aspect of the construction in terms of how it will impact the day-to-day workflow.  Something as seemingly basic as a door can have a huge impact on overall costs and productivity!  In particular, it’s easy for architects and planners to see doors as a place where corners can be cut to save a little money, even though a better solution – such as motorized vinyl roll up doors – will create substantially superior value over time.

Whether for new construction or retrofits, motorized roll up doors are an excellent solution for a wide variety of industrial product movement and storage situations.

Three Ways Vinyl Roll Up Doors Create Better Outcomes for Industrial Spaces 

  1. Improved productivity 

A typical metal overhead door only opens at a rate of approximately 8 inches per second.  This might sound speedy, but for larger doors, this can still create delays of 20-30 seconds per opening, especially if there’s machinery involved like forklifts that need to stop, wait, then get back up to speed.

A motorized vinyl roll up door, on the other hand, can move at 4.5 feet per second!  This allows even very large doors to open within five seconds or less.  Over the course of months, that translates into many hours saved.

  1. Energy savings 

Roll up doors can also help significantly improve energy costs within your facility, particularly if you utilize air conditioning.  Being able to open and close so quickly, they are therefore left open to the elements for a much shorter amount of time. Further, there will be much less temptation for workers to simply leave the doors open – and therefore less air escaping.

Or, if you do not cool your facilities, it’s possible to get vinyl roll up doors made with fine mesh for ventilation.  Merely allowing airflow can substantially cool a workspace and make your workers more comfortable.

  1. Improved damage resistance

If a worker crashes a forklift into a metal door, chances are that’s going to do damage to both the door and the machine – but that’s not the case with a vinyl door.  They’re inherently resistant to damage.  In severe impacts, they’ll simply pop out of their frame, but remain easy to re-attach.  Over time, this translates to far lower maintenance costs.

Our Team at Goff’s Enterprises Has You Covered

Goff’s Enterprises has innovative solutions to door-related problems, suitable for businesses of all sizes.  Contact us to learn more!


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