The bug blocking rolling screen doors that have been on the market for the past ten years and are put up on exterior doorways to stop pests can also do the job of stopping crime.

These doors have been popular to enhance the working environment during warm weather months. Many well-run businesses smartly regard employee comfort important to efficient operation. A hot building with trapped dead air is a distraction that suppresses worker productivity. Yet with the rising cost of energy, air conditioning a distribution facility or manufacturing plant measuring one million cubic feet takes a massive bite out of the budget.

Along with setting out tubs of Gatorade for the crews, when the mercury rises these facilities see opening their 8 x 10 foot dock doors open between truck shipments as a means of relief.

But this can open up other problems. Outside that door is a swarm of insects and other things that fly, crawl and creep. Not good if the facility is manufacturing precision products, food or anything else that has to be protected.

As far as the increased productivity, forget it. At night workers will be swatting a mosquitoes, moths and insects rapidly circling lighting fixtures.

Door manufacturers have brought out bug blocking roll-up screens as an add-on to exterior doorways. These door products are plastic coated mesh screens that allow fresh breezes and sunlight into the building but block out insect/animal invasions. Yet they are designed for easy doorway access and can be either a window shade/spring-assist design  for manually pulling up and down, power operated for busy ground level doorways or manual sliding for doorways with low traffic levels.

Bug blocking curtains also have another important function. Along with keeping bugs out the screens keep products in the building by discouraging theft.


These losses can especially be a problem for companies that handle small, high value electronics. One example is a worldwide company that is a major part of the supply chain that gets cell phones in the pockets of millions of users. At their Illinois facility they assemble, program, package and ship cell phones to major retailers and individual Internet orders.

Cell phones are of course so popular because they are compact. Yet while these ever shrinking high tech products offer customer convenience, inventory shrinkage (theft) is an on-going challenge for the D.C.’s that handle them.

With security always on the back of their minds, companies are alert to ways to outsmart employee theft. PTZ surveillance cameras and metal detectors are standard equipment for these types of businesses. Inventory control is a religion and guards are constantly roaming the floors of the D.C.

As much as the company has a high regard for its workforce, cell phone theft can be a temptation to some employees. On those nights when the dock door is left open a worker might get an impulse to pull a phone off the shelf, wait for a guard to pass by and drop it off the dock to a friend waiting outside – jeopardizing the career of what otherwise would be a good employee.

Now companies can add bug blocking curtains to their defenses against theft. According to the facilities manager, with these doors he “can satisfy the manager side telling me saying employee comfort is important and my security manager’s side that says ‘an open dock door is not a good idea.'”

These doors are typically constructed of weather-resistant vinyl coated mesh that blocks out the bugs, yet allows cooler air and sunlight into the building actually reducing HVAC costs for the facility.  The doors can be equipped with floor sweeps, double baffle and an upper valance to totally seal the doorway.


The doors mounts around the interior door opening and are designed like an exterior dock shelter. The side flaps normally attach to the wall using Velcro strips, which are fine for pests, but it can be an access point for handing out product to the outside. To deter theft a good idea is to rivet the flaps to the wall to totally block outside access.

As for installation, parts for these doors are lightweight. These can be put up in less than  two hours.

Along with keeping out insect infestations the bug blocking screens doors deal with the unfortunate shrinkage problem; the crew as a whole can enjoy the benefits of an open door  while these doors shut the window of opportunity for phones to get outside the DC and can be an attributable dollars and cents benefit for these operations.



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