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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Safely Reopening America: Personal Safety Partitions in Action

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, everyone has been instructed to comply with social distancing guidelines for safety.

These guidelines include staying 6 feet away from another person, abstaining from large group gatherings, and taking extra care in the cleaning of surfaces that many people come into contact with. Safer-At-Home orders have been put into place across America resulting in the closing of businesses. With hope for the future, these businesses are looking into all possible ways for them to reopen and do so safely. Egg + Flour, a pasta restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has managed to successfully prepare their business for reentry by installing a new product from Goff’s Enterprises.

Egg + Flour was looking for a solution to keeping their employees and guests safe while interacting at the order counter and in the dining area.  With the guideline in place to stay 6 feet apart from the next person, Egg + Flour would have had to eliminate half of their seating to open by these standards, heavily limiting their capacity.  With customers and employees in mind, they needed a solution that is both effective and easy to maintain.

Goff’s Personal Safety Partition was designed to separate areas of close contact between individuals to provide guests and employees with a safe and comfortable space to dine and work in while meeting CDC Guidelines

Implementing this personal safety partition at Egg + Flour helps them maintain their high standard of cleanliness while maximizing capacity to meet CDC Guidelines. 

The Personal Safety Partition shields against airborne contaminants, caused by a person’s cough or sneeze, to prevent the spread of viruses helping to create better public safety.  With a minimally intrusive design, the partition allows full visibility and creates a sound barrier between users, without being distracting.    

Installed at a service counter or point-of-purchase, Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions qualify as personal protective equipment, by providing a safety barrier between employees and guests.  Upon reopening, Egg + Flour can go about business as usual knowing they are protected from airborne contaminants, including COVID-19 and other viruses, if a customer would cough or sneeze.  Just as employees would wipe down the counters or tables, cleaning and sanitizing the Personal Safety Partitions is quick and easy making them a safe solution for any business.  This makes sanitation quick and easy, maintaining a safe and clean surface on both sides of the clear PVC partition for each and every user.

A customers’ safety and happiness are any business’s number one priority. Using Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions helps to maintain these in a time of a “new normal” when it comes to reopening businesses.  You too can be prepared for reopening by installing Personal Safety Partitions at your business.  Whether it be to separate patients at a dentist office in the exam rooms, safety at your check out points, or anywhere that is in need of separation to safely operate your business, Goff’s can help.  Download the Personal Safety Partition brochure to learn more or submit a quote if you’re ready to get started!

Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions provide protection in many industries including: Dental Exam Rooms, Office Workspaces, Hair & Nail Salons, USPS locations, and any other point of business that people come in close proximity with each other.



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