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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Save Money & Protect Products with Climate Curtains

If your operations require keeping hot rooms or cold rooms, we don’t have to tell you how difficult it can be to manage the climate inside your building.  However, we can offer a better solution!  Goff’s Climate Curtains are specifically designed for your needs, providing high-quality/low-cost thermal insulation which is easy to deploy anywhere it’s required.

Rather than locked-down walls, our curtains are thin and portable – while still providing excellent insulation as well as fire protection.  This makes them a great solution for a wide variety of usage scenarios where varying temperatures need to be maintained.

The Many Benefits of Climate Curtains in Hot or Cold Workspaces

These climate curtains utilize a sandwich design, with fire-resistant vinyl on either side of 3M Thinsulate Ultra material.  This allows them to be extremely lightweight and mobile, without sacrificing insulation quality.

Climate curtains can be deployed anywhere they’re needed.  They fit onto tracks, similar to standard curtains, which are simple to move from place to place.  They can be permanent fixtures where needed or be shifted around your facility based on changing needs.  These curtains can even be used to create tunnels, such as an insulated space running from your freezer to a refrigerated truck.

Simply put, a climate curtain can go wherever it’s needed, and deployed in virtually any configuration.

Your employees can’t walk through thermal paneling – but they can walk through climate curtains!  They can be moved to the side like any curtain, allowing for easy access, then moved right back into place.  This makes them even more energy efficient than solutions such as PVC strip doors which still allow a lot of hot\cold air through when not in use.

Hygiene will always be an issue, particularly when dealing with food products, and we’ve taken steps to maintain that in our climate curtains.  The multi-layered design and double-locked stitches remove spaces that mildew and other contaminants might take hold.  This also makes them exceptionally easy to clean when not in use!

In short, Goff’s Climate Curtains help you manage your indoor temperatures, protect your products, and make neighboring spaces far more comfortable for your workforce.  Plus, their flexible design and ease of deployment means they can be utilized almost anywhere.  To learn more about our unique climate control solutions, just contact us!


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