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Strip Curtains Are the Right High-Performance Door for The Food Industry

One of the biggest hang-ups for food processing facilities is the simple matter of deploying effective doors.  How do you install a door which maintains the inside climate, prevents contamination, and yet does not become a bottleneck to worker productivity?  In particular, how do you do this while creating a door that can be operated with a free hand?

The solution is the strip curtain or strip door.  These doors are the perfect balance between utility and practicality while being inexpensive to implement and maintain.  They can solve plenty of problems when operating a food processing facility!

Why Install High-Performance Strip Doors in Your Food Processing Facility

  1. Unmatched ease of access

If you have people carrying items in and out of your processing facility all day, you need them to be able to move around freely without doors becoming a barrier to productivity.  Strip doors are the true “no hands” solution.  Because they require no effort to pass through, your workforce will be able to carry more product, more quickly, with fewer opportunities to drop the product.

  1. Effective thermal regulation

You might not think it to look at them, but strip curtains are actually very effective at maintaining temperatures on either side – particularly relative to the ease of access they offer.  They prevent air flow-through, which is the most vital part of temperature control.  With strip doors installed, your cold areas will stay cold, without freezing the rest of your facility.

This, of course, also leads to substantial savings on energy costs.

  1. Prevent contamination

Because strip doors are so effective at preventing air flow-through, they don’t only maintain temperatures – they also keep contaminants from passing through.  Strip doors go a long way towards protecting your products, particularly when compared to open-air systems.  This further minimizes product loss.

  1. Better lighting control

Another beneficial aspect to strip curtains is that, if made from clear plastic, they let a lot of light in without letting air or contaminants through.  When used on exterior walls, in particular, they allow for natural lighting without the need to add a lot of lights – further reducing your energy costs.

Turn to Goff’s For High-Performance Doors

Since 1985, we have specialized in creating innovative solutions for climate control, doors, and other portals within industrial facilities.  Contact us for a full consultation on your temperature regulation needs!

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