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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

The Advantages of a Curtain Divider Over Installing A New Wall

Do you need to create new partitions within your operating facilities?  The obvious choice would be to simply install a new wall… but that might not be the best choice!  Unless you’re certain the wall will be a permanent fixture in your facility, or you specifically need it to be thick or load-bearing, a curtain divider can be a much better option.  Such curtain walls bring the partionining capabilities of a wall, along with numerous other benefits.

Why Curtain Dividers Make Sense for Partioning a Facility

  1. Ease of installation

Curtain walls are simply hung through the ceiling, on rails or tracks that require very minimal installation effort.  They can usually be implemented in a single day, without generating excess noise or debris, and without requiring any sort of building permits.  It’s quick and simple, adding a partition with only the minimum of disruption to your operations.

  1. Flexibility

Walls aren’t known for their flexibility – in any sense of the term.  Curtain walls, however, are flexible both in form and usage.  You can easily create circular, oblong, or otherwise non-standard room sizes if your operation calls for them.  Also, curtain walls are far easier to move around.  Should your needs change, the wall can be taken down and re-installed quite easily.

  1. Save space

Floorspace is always at a premium within an operating business – why take up more than is necessary?  Curtain dividers are extremely thin, generally well less than an inch thick.  This means more room for work to happen, compared to installing a full-sized wall.

  1. Increase safety

Another big benefit to curtain walls is that they can easily have windows installed, or even utilize transparent plastic above a certain point.  This can be a huge safety boost because it allows workers operating machinery to see what’s on the other side of the partition.

  1. Save money

A curtain divider is going to be much cheaper than a full-size wall.  They’re cheaper to buy, cheaper to install, and cheaper to maintain.  Should you ever move the curtain from one location to another, those savings continue to stack up.   It’s a much more cost-effective option.

Goff’s Is the Leader in Alternative Partitions

We offer a wide range of curtain walls, strip doors, climate curtains, and more – all designed to give you extra flexibility in managing your working spaces.  Contact us to learn more about our product lines!


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